Industry Events

VALE Media Industries Conference

November 19, 2016
  • Type: Comference
  • Category Genre: Music and Media
  • Ongoing: Yes
  • Venue Name: Lebanon Valley College
  • Contact: Tori Cecchi, Jeff Snyder
  • Email:
  • Venue Address: 101 North College AV , Annville PA 17003

The 12th annual VALE Media Industries Conference (formerly VALE Music Industry Conference), is a unique all-day event entirely created and hosted by students of the Music Industry, Recording, and Digicomm programs. With an average of 250-300 attendees, the event features Professionals from all areas of digital media including music production, publishing, games, TV, radio, record labels, entertainment law, video, etc who participate in panel discussions, presentations, and mentoring. Lunch is included and features a showcase by the artist currently signed to the College record label, VALE Records. The conference is followed by the VALE Crawl which features local college bands in venues in Annville and Lebanon PA. See video interviews of previous speakers at