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Audio Recording of NARIP Music & Metadata: Discovery, Tracking & Payment



Audio Recording of NARIP Music & Metadata: Discovery, Tracking & Payment


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Search is king.

And just as search engine optimization (SEO) helps find most relevant results, metadata helps find new music and rights holders to license it.

Metadata is the information embedded in a digital music file that makes it searchable and license-able.  Missing or incomplete metadata or “tagging” results in “Track 1, Track 2” appearing on a digital device when the song is played.

Subjective and accurate metadata (or keywords) helps music buyers find a song or cue to use for a specific purpose or scene. Tagging a track with specific keywords (for example “uplifting, brass crescendo, female vocals, hand claps” or any other element) makes it more likely the track will be found by a music buyer seeking those specific elements.

Metadata can make the difference between a song being found and licensed, or not.

No one can license a track if there is no contact information for rights holders attached to the digital sound file.  Just as important, once a song is licensed, accurate metadata is crucial to enable tracking and payment to its rights holders.

You are invited to attend NARIP’s program on this important topic.


  • Why metadata is vital for licensing and enabling music discovery
  • Live demonstration of how to tag a track
  • How to tag different versions of the same song
  • Preferred formats, industry standards
  • Programs, apps and tools for tagging and tracking
  • How music organization and PROs use metadata to pay rights holders
  • Common problems and what to do about them


  • Most important information in include when tagging a track
  • Where music should be registered
  • Tools (cue sheets, fingerprinting, watermarking)
  • Software and Apps (iTunes, TAGGIT)
  • Technologies (Audible Magic, Broadcast Data Systems, Content ID, Dirty Audio, Mediaguide, Shazam, Soundminer, Soundmouse, Tunesat)
  • When and how to change or update metadata

More Info

  • Music Rights Holders
  • Record & Music Publishing Executives
  • Songwriters, Producers, Musicians, Creators
  • Music Attorneys
  • Artist Managers and Artist Reps
  • Anyone who seeks to license, track and monetize music

PROGRAM DATE:  June 22, 2016
PROGRAM TIME: 1 hour, 53  minutes, 35 seconds (1:53:35)
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Michelle Davis, Esq., Davis Entertainment Law

Davis-MichelleMichelle Davis, principal at Davis Entertainment Law, is an intellectual property and corporate attorney with over 10 years of experience in the music industry. As a passionate and dedicated artist advocate, Michelle specializes in helping musicians navigate complex distribution streams and copyright law to maximize revenue and discovery. She received her J.D. from the University of Georgia School of Law where she served as the senior articles editor of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law, president of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society, and was nominated to join the prestigious Atlanta IP Inn of Court as a pupil. Prior to launching her own firm, Michelle clerked with the office of the general counsel for NPR in Washington, D.C. and entertainment attorney Michael Crain in Athens, GA. She also spent a semester working for the Future of Music Coalition, an artist advocacy group in D.C., where she provided in-depth music policy analysis.  Michelle started her career in the industry as a music publicist and freelance journalist. From 2008-2012 she served as the music editor for alt-weeklyFlagpole Magazine in Athens, GA. Her music writing has also appeared in Uncut, Oxford American and Performer Magazine. Her essay, Introducing the RightsCoin: Using Block Chains to Track Copyright Ownership, was a finalist in the 2015 Grammy Foundation’s Entertainment Law Initiative writing competition. Michelle currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Athens Area Arts Council and is a member of Georgia Lawyers for the Arts. In her free time she enjoys playing guitar and continuing to publish freelance music pieces.  Michelle lives in Athens, GA with her husband, daughter and three dogs.  Click HERE for more info.


Tammy Hurt, Placement Music Founding Partner

Tammy Hurt began playing drums at age four and has been playing professionally since the age of 14. She has recorded with the GRAMMY-winning Indigo Girls, GRAMMY-winning producer Brendan O’Brien and GRAMMY-winning producer/mixer/engineer Nick DiDia. She has tracked for and performed live with numerous artists including Van Hunt, Michelle Malone and Wendy Bucklew at several Atlanta recording studios including her all time favorite, Southern Tracks. Her past and current musical projects include Paper Dolls, She Said, Minority Rules, Superchick and duvasounds.  She is the Founder of Outsource Events, Inc. an event management firm specialized in the logistical planning and execution of executive-level and customer events. Among her successes are such high-visibility events as the Olympics, Super Bowl, US Open, NCAA Men’s Final Four, NASCAR as well as events for Fortune 10, 50, 100 and 500 corporations. An award-winning entrepreneur, she received the Catalyst Magazine Top 25 Entrepreneurs and Ones to Watch Award in 2008.  Tammy is the former president of the Atlanta Chapter of The Recording Academy® (GRAMMY® Awards) and currently serves as a National Trustee for The Academy. Additionally, she serves as President of Georgia Music Partners as an advisor to Girls Rock Camp ATL. A musician, entrepreneur and music industry advocate, Tammy brings her passion, experience and insight to her role as Founding Partner of Placement Music.

*Shachar Oren, CEO, Neurotic Media

As founder, Shachar Oren is responsible for Neurotic Media’s business strategy, sales and marketing, product, and operations. Neurotic Media’s leading technology and services empower businesses to create custom digital experiences across multiple devices to promote their brands using the universal power of music. Its customers include retailers, mobile carriers, consumer brand marketers, record companies, and innovative music start-ups. Previously, Shachar served Amplified Holdings as SVP, International Business Development; Ichiban Records in A&R and in radio marketing; was owner, Shoestring Records; produced and engineered several albums; graduated in 1995 from GSU with a B.S. in Music Industry and Music Production. Also, as co-chair of the metadata SIG at MusicBiz.org, Shachar spearheaded the Music Metadata Styleguide project, which resulted in what folks can download for free at https://musicbiz.org/insights/whitepapers/ – this resource provides standard guidelines for how to enter copy and data about music releases into the ecosystem, no matter who your distribution partner/provider may be.

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