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5 Questions to Ask Your Distributor

 (C) 2019 By Dee Diaz, Digital Manager, Reach Records


EDITOR’S NOTE: Dee wrote this article for inclusion at NARIP’s recent panel discussion, Music Marketing Before & Beyond Album Cycles.  Audio recording of this excellent program and related materials are available to purchase here.


  1. To which artist portals do I have access?

You most likely have access to Spotify For Artists, and recently acquired access to Apple Music For Artists, but you may also be eligible for Deezer For Artists and Pandora AMP–a great tool that allows you to target your audience with audio liners, curate artist playlists with commentary, set featured tracks, etc.

  1. For which artist / release marketing opportunities can we pitch?

If your distributor offers pitching and marketing services, be sure to ask about additional artist marketing opportunities on all platforms (including SoundCloud, Pandora, Amazon, Vevo, etc.)

BONUS: Do they offer music video pitching?

Your distributor may have access to pitch for editorial play-listing on YouTube and other video networks. Send them a link to your video and ask if they’re able to pitch for editorial features.

  1. How can I update my artist photo and bio on DSPs such as Amazon that don’t offer artist portals?

Tools like Spotify For Artists and Apple Music For Artists allow you to make these edits on your own, but other DSPs don’t have that time or accessibility. Before a release, make sure all of your photos are updated and bios are current across all platforms. Reach out to your distributor to ask them to update your photos on platforms like Amazon and Google Play.

  1. Is there flexibility with the way metadata is delivered?

When uploading a release, make sure that all of the metadata fields are properly and accurately filled out. In addition, always keep in mind the different metadata options you have. Example: listing a “featured artist” as a “main artist” so the track populates on their page on Spotify, or re-releasing tracks under the same ISRC but different UPCs for more accessibility.

  1. Are there label reps / contacts with whom we can connect?

Most platforms have teams dedicated to artist and label relations who help promote releases, keep you informed of editorial opportunities, and oversee all communication with the account. If your distributor offers marketing and editorial pitching services, it’s worth asking them if they can connect you with whoever they’re in contact with who oversees Indies.

If your distributor doesn’t offer services past music delivery (such as marketing, label relations, etc. like DistroKid) always ask to see if they have their own third-party curated playlists that you can submit for.

PHOTO (L-R): Reach Records Digital Manager Dee Diaz, Madison Records & NARIP Board Member Juliett Rowe, Wondaland / Playtime Talent Group’s Joy Young