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Andrew, James

Digital Communications / Content Strategist, CNN Contributor, Blogger, Author, Speaker, DJ, Founder of, Storyteller

James Andrews spends his time at the epicenter of where digital content, conversations and culture converge. As founder of Social People he advises clients on how to tell their stories and engage their audiences via the use of online/mobile tools and the social Web. Dividing his time between his Atlanta and LA offices, Andrews’ clients span media/entertainment (The Grammys, LionsGate) auto (Lexus), Healthcare (The California Endowment) and celebrity (Jane Fonda). He is a regular featured expert on CNN who taps him to discuss social media and digital culture, and he maintains a blog column at Fast Company. Formerly a marketing executive at Columbia Records who made a few people famous, he was also a part of a dot-com start-up called SoulPurpose/UBO that raised $40 million dollars and employed the best and brightest in NYC. For :30 seconds he ran Marc Ecko’s brand marketing at Ecko Unlimited and taught him everything he knows about video gaming. Before starting Social People he ran a social media practice at Ketchum for two years. He left to launch EVERYWHERE, his previous social media agency startup known for the Guinness World Record created for #BeatCancer.  He spends his free time with his wife and kids, collecting music and sneakers, DJing and sleeping. He grew up in the “Vatican City” of  Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, CA) long before it was popular and when the Facebook founders were in elementary school. Love my wife (@funkidivagirl), global travel, great food and a swanky hotel.