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Angela Rose White

Angela Rose White, Founder
David Rose Publishing and DaBet Music Services

Angela Rose White is an attorney from Los Angeles, California, USA, who has concentrated on music publishing/administration for the last 15 years as COO of David Rose Publishing Co. which has a catalog of over 500 songs spanning 60 years; this catalog includes smash hits “The Stripper” and “Holiday For Strings” as well as several TV themes/cues, film scores and classic songs which have been performed, recorded, and licensed throughout the world. White’s father, David Rose, was a founding member of the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP). In 2009, White founded Rose Music Services, LLC d/b/a DaBet Music Services to provide songwriters, publishers and their estates with various services regarding catalog management including administration, licensing, royalty analysis, collections and communication with third parties, both inside and outside the U.S. In 2012, White changed her company’s focus after discovering that songwriters/publishers or their heirs and representatives were frequently not aware of the fundamental rights related to song ownership and copyrights. DaBet Music Services now serves primarily as a consulting company to heirs, executors, attorneys, estates and publishers. It provides organization and basic evaluation of music catalogues, copyrights, income streams and management for music catalogs. This new business model has led the DaBet team to act as “music detectives” who diligently research titles, sources of royalties, historical trails for music copyrights, and past and current activity (licensing). The ultimate goal: To eliminate any roadblocks and ensure authors and composers are paid correctly. DaBet consists of three publishing entities: Taste This Music (ASCAP), Vintage Gold (BMI) and Mel’s Taste (SESAC).