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Bachman Appointed to NARIP Atlanta Board

NARIP is pleased to appoint Beth Bachman to its Atlanta Board of Directors, joining Atlanta Executive Director Eileen Tilson, Directors Samantha Parvin and Jobi Tyson, and board member Cappriccieo M. Scates.

“Eileen Tilson brought Beth and her skills to NARIP, and how lucky for us that she did. Beth is smart, driven, highly capable and full of class. She also brings an essential ‘get things done!’ attitude,” says NARIP President Tess Taylor. “She is a natural problem solver and leader, and shares with the rest of NARIP the desire to learn, grow and give value to our exciting industry. We are happy to have her on board and with her help, to take NARIP Atlanta even higher.”

Meet Ms. Bachman at NARIP’s Music In Games program June 22 to take place at SAE Institute of Technology, 215 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 30, Atlanta, GA 30303. Get details and register online at

About Beth Bachman

Beth Bachman is an Atlanta native, local music connoisseur, UGA alumnus, and 2011 graduate of Georgia State University College of Law who has been a NARIP Atlanta loyalist since the chapter’s launch in June 2010. Beth is President Emeritus of the GSU Sports & Entertainment Law Society and aims to start her own entertainment law practice representing up-and-coming artists, production professionals, and entertainment entrepreneurs. She understands the plight of the struggling artist and seeks to level the playing field by extending to them her knowledge, experience and legal acumen. Since 2007 Beth has co-organized the annual music and arts festival Winter Soulstice – a charity showcase featuring a variety of local talent, from rock bands to hip hop artists, painters to jewelers, and stand-up comedians to improv troupes – through which she has raised over $12,000 for music and arts education. Beth turned her passion for music and art into her profession not only because it’s a fun way to make a living, but more importantly because she believes creativity is a bedrock of the American economy and culture that can never be down-sized or out-sourced. She values business education for artists and entrepreneurs seeking to make a living in the entertainment industry, which is why NARIP is the perfect complement to Beth and her developing career. Please join us at future Atlanta NARIP events and be sure to say hello to our newest board member Beth when you see her.