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Britain a “Musical Goldmine” for Top American Ad Agency Execs in Search of New Music

NARIP President Tess Taylor leads a delegation of creative music executives from New York to London this week for meetings to create new opportunities for music whose uses contribute to the national economies of the United States, the United Kingdom and world culture.

While in London the group will be featured at four music acquisition sessions for global brand and advertising campaigns, and meet with music organizations and with government agencies, including the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the Association of Independent Music (AIM) and the Music Publisher’s Association (MPA), which work to promote and strengthen the protection of Intellectual property rights.

NARIP brings top music supervisors from two multi-national advertising agencies, Ryan Fitch (Music Producer for Saatchi & Saatchi North America) and Jessica Dierauer (Executive Producer of Music and Creative Content for Young & Rubicam), to London to conduct a series of educational programs for the British music industry. These programs create an opportunity to develop relationships and encourage the use of British music in American national and global advertising campaigns.

Last year’s London sessions with Hollywood music supervisors Andrea von Foerster (Grey’s Anatomy, Chronicle, 500 Days of Summer) and Chris Mollere (Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars) sold out.

Seeking Music For Global Advertising Campaigns

Both Fitch and Dierauer actively seek music for current advertising campaigns, and music publishers, record company executives, personal managers and others will present to them in London for consideration. Such music placements generate licensing fees and public performance royalties to their creators and owners, stimulate CD and digital sales, increase consumer awareness and media interest, and can provide an important vehicle for developing new artists to recognition and success.

“We have created a new access point that wasn’t available before,” says Tess Taylor President of NARIP and creator of its Music Supervisor Sessions. “Our sessions have sold out in four cities and yielded multiple placements for participants including in the #1 box office film Chronicle, True Blood, Dexter, Don’t Trust The B—- In Apt. 23! and more. Our sessions narrow the gap between making music and placing it in projects which generate revenue for creators.  Together music and film are cornerstones of the American and British national economies, and are vibrant ongoing contributors to world culture.“

Two of NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions in London next week are SOLD OUT, more dates have been added:

Sessions have also been a hit in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Berlin, selling out in four cities. Since launching in  2011, session participants have enjoyed music placements in #1 box office film Chronicle, True Blood, Dexter, The B—- In Apt. #23 and Bad Girls Club with more placements pending.

“We have created a new access point that wasn’t available before,” says Taylor. “We’re thrilled by the success of these sessions which broaden access to quality music from rich and diverse sources. NARIP helps to make the distance between New York and the rest of the world that much shorter.“

“British music has always enthralled me,” says Fitch. “From Led Zeppelin and the Who to Dubstep, I always try to be aware of new music trends from the Mother Country before they become mainstream here in the States. I look forward to meeting people in London who can help me discover new sounds for my projects!“

“England has always been a musical goldmine,” says Dierauer. “The best bands hail from there, and I always keep my ear open to what’s going on across the pond. Current favorites include Metronomy, PJ Harvey, SBTRKT, Summer Camp, Still Corners and WU LYF.”

“Feedback we received from our first sessions was tremendous and it is encouraging to see people returning for the second of the NARIP‘s London sessions with Ryan Fitch and Jessica Dierauer,” says NARIP UK Executive Director and delegation member Sharon Dean, who is also founder of Respect Music. “Music placements into the U.S. advertising market are significant to all music creators, and NARIP’s initiative offers access to key U.S. music supervisors and decision makers.”

NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions expand its participants potential to secure new uses of their music and level the playing field for those who may not yet have enormous market presence or music catalogs.

Music Supervisors Benefit From NARIP Session

“All of the NARIP workshops have proven fruitful for me,” says music supervisor Andrea von Foerster (Grey’s Anatomy, Chronicle, 500 Days of Summer) who has participated in NARIP Sessions in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Berlin and London. “I have a use pending for Simon Horrocks at Affix Music in Atlanta. From the LA session, I used a Peter Kimmel repped Tom Disher track in Chronicle. In Berlin I met with Christian Mix-Linzer from Tracks & Fields and used a No/Fi Riots song in Chronicle. From the London session I’ve requested Bollywood music from Sharon Dean and met with her artist/composer Biggi Hilmars whom I love! In every city, I’ve met with numerous publishers, labels and sync agents at every level and the relationships have proved invaluable. I’m lucky to be associated with such a great group of people.”

The trip to London with NARIP to take part in multiple listening sessions was a huge success!” says music supervisor Chris Mollere (Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars). “We got to meet and listen to so much good music from some amazing people in an amazing town! I can’t wait to find some homes for the tunes I heard in the two NARIP listening sessions.”



NARIP promotes education, career advancement and good will among record executives.. Established in 1998 and based in Los Angeles, NARIP has chapters in New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Phoenix, Houston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and London, and reaches 100,000+ people in the music industries globally.

NARIP is committed to promoting the cultural and economic benefits of music and intellectual property, and to providing a platform to convey insights and perspectives to improve the music business around the world. NARIP upholds the contributions of music and related fields to the fiscal health of the U.S. and global economies, and is committed to fair compensation and protection for artists, and for those who invest in, own and market their works.

Profiles of Delegation Members

Tess Taylor, President, National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP)

Tess Taylor is president of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) and creator of NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions, which feature music supervisors from the film, TV, ad agency and trailer sectors and have yielded multiple music placements. NARIP’s sessions have been a hit in London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin and New York, selling out in four cities. One of the U.S.’s leading authorities on careers in the music and record industries, Ms. Taylor has connected countless people to jobs and opportunities through her work in the US and abroad, cultivated collaborations for over two decades, helped launch hundreds of projects and several companies. Dubbed “International Music Ambassador” by music supervisor P.J. Bloom (Glee, Nip/Tuck, The Shield, CSI: Miami), Ms. Taylor works with groups such as the European Music Export Office, Danish Songwriters Guild, French Music Export Office, Boomtown (Sweden) and Berlin Music Commission to connect their members to opportunities in Los Angeles and throughout the U.S. She has consulted leading businesses such as InsideSessions (a joint venture between the Universal Music Group and Penguin Putnam, Inc.), The Walt Disney Company, BMG Entertainment (formerly Sony BMG), Concord Records and in its start-up phase. In the last year she has keynoted at Popkomm (Berlin), the Drucker Career Conference (Los Angeles), the Trigger Creative Conference (Sweden), the University of Vienna’s Institute für Popularmusik in Austria, and at NAMM 2011 (Los Angeles). Deeply annoyed by people who think music should be free, Ms. Taylor is a vigorous defender of intellectual property rights and debated Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder John Perry Barlow on “free music” at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth (2006) and was invited for a rematch at Ohio University (2008). She won both times. From 1988 to 1993 Ms. Taylor was employed at MCA Records, Inc., last serving as Associate Director of Marketing. A classically trained pianist, she studied music at the University of Vienna, and is a Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Redlands’ Johnston College where she received her BA degree in music, German and literature.

Ryan Fitch, Music Producer, Saatchi & Saatchi

As one of Saatchi & Saatchi’s most seasoned and gifted music producers, Ryan Fitch has spent the last 7 years integrating music into TV, radio and interactive campaigns for top global brands like Procter & Gamble, JCPenney, Miller, General Mills and Cadbury among others. Conservatory-trained and an avid fan of all music genres, Ryan has both the unique ability for finding that “perfect song” for his clients and the business savvy to close deals, whether it’s with a major work, such as John Lennon’s “Real Love” or music from an obscure indie artist. A lifelong musician with more than 16 years of experience in the music industry and an extensive background in audio engineering and digital audio workstations, Ryan understands the creation of music in today’s landscape on every fundamental level. During his tenure, Saatchi New York has earned several distinguished awards, including the prestigious Cannes award for Agency of the Year. Ryan was also named one of the “Top Ten Music Ad Agency Executives” by the National Assn. of Record Industry Professionals.

Jessica Dierauer, Executive Producer of Music and Creative Content, Young & Rubicam

Based out of Y&R’s flagship New York office, Dierauer is responsible for everything related to music — from licensing tracks and hiring composers, to creating new opportunities for Y&R’s clients throughout the entertainment industry. She previously served as executive content producer for Y&R New York where for the past two years she has produced and executed integrated campaigns, Web sites, new media applications and events for clients like LG, Office Depot and Malaria No More.

Sharon Dean, Executive Director NARIP UK, Director Respect Music

 Ms. Dean is Executive Director or NARIP UK and Founder / Director of London-based publishing company Respect Music. Prior to starting Respect Music she was Director of Licensing at PRS for Music where she was responsible for all audio / product / media licensing. She is also on the Board of AIM.

Most attendees of NARIP Music Supervisor Sessions come back for more.  Here’s what they say about sessions (with film / TV and ad agency music supervisors) held in 2011 in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Berlin:

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