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Royalty Accountant (NY)

Job Code: 20150515-1176
Position Title: Royalty Accountant (NY)
Post Date: May 15, 2015

Candidate will be responsible for analyzing incoming statements from various royalty streams. This position requires the understanding of royalty procedures and contracts, ability to address issues, suggest and develop resolutions, and perform desktop audits. The individual must be able to work independently as well as in a team, make decisions, pay attention to detail, suggest issue resolutions and when to audit, and implement them timely. Excellent excel skills are a must. CPA preferred. Experience in the music industry and with Record Maestro/Music Maestro is a plus.

Overall responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

- Analyze incoming statements for correct rates, splits, and artists (must be able to identify where audits need to be conducted).
- Income tracking – Ensuring that we are receiving income on quarterly or bi-annual period.
- Handle neighboring rights – ensure that we are collecting on our catalogue, addressing counterclaims, etc.
- Analyze quarterly neighboring rights statements to ensure we are collecting in all territories.
- Analyze Soundexchange statements to ensure we are collecting on our catalogue
- Track all touring income and analyze incoming touring statements to ensure that we are collecting for all tour dates.
- Consolidate and analyze sales data from all providers.
- Maintain advance calculation spreadsheets to ensure all costs are accounted for.
- Liaise on a regular basis with finance and business affairs staff in order to ensure that correct rates are on incoming statements.
- Anticipate royalty issues and develop strategies to address them.
- Assist in the review of outgoing statements.
- Assist the finance team when/if necessary
- Various special projects