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Thank you for your interest in the National Association of Record Industry Professionals Job Bank service. For almost twenty years, we have successfully matched up qualified candidates with music and record industry employers, and are happy to help you do the same. Better still, this service is FREE to employers. Just fill out the form below.

Once you have filled out and submitted your job listing, we post it on our Web site within 24 hours of receipt (usually sooner). The full job description is posted without the employer's contact information. Interested candidates contact us and we pre-screen them to ensure that they meet your stated requirements. Only if they meet your requirements do we refer them to you in the manner in which you specify (via email, fax, etc.).

Your listing remains posted for two (2) months, until the position is filled or you request that we delete it. In the interest of keeping this information current, we will delete your listing within two (2) months of submission by you unless otherwise notified. Our Membership Director will contact you periodically to confirm that the position(s) you listed is still open.

We very much appreciate hearing your feedback, and we especially like to hear about successful placements!

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