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Flattum, Jerry

Jerry Flattum


Performer/Songwriter, Writer, Manager



Job Description:

Extensive experience in both the managerial and creative sides of the music industry.

Years in the record business:

Entertainment Cyberscope, Inc.

Career Achievements: Includes Entertainment Cyberscope (Inc. 2011), a portal & blog for all things behind the scenes in entertainment; SwitchTrak, a production music library database; 40 recordings in Pre-Production; 2 screenplays; well-published freelance writer; extensive performing experience

Professional Goals:

1) Pursuing new MBA in the Music Industry via Henley Business School in England

2) Working for a major entertainment company

3) Obtain licensing deals for numerous original recordings

4) Touring

5) Publish “Entertainment Society” and “Crossover: Song Creation in the 21st Century,” as eBooks.

6) Option screenplay called, “Time Travelers In The Celestial Age”


Do the work.  Get it done.  Make it happen.

“What we do in life echoes an eternity”

Contact information:

Jerry Flattum


Los Angeles, CA.