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Gerrit Winterstein

A musician with a background in business management of audiovisual media, Gerrit’s involvement with music, instruments and any other objects which make sounds can be traced back to his first months in 1973. His calling to focus on the marketing and production side of things, thereby creating a platform for musicians and enabling multiple ways to utilize their work, came early. Work experience: 1996-98 studio manager and sound assistant at Peppermint Park GmbH (Mousse T, Bootsy Collins, Cultured Pearls), 1998-2000 A&R marketing assistant at Laughing Horse Music GmbH (Echt), 2000-2005 A&R manager and exploitation manager at SMV Schacht Musikverlage GmbH (including Carl Douglas, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Peter Thomas, Boozoo Bajou). Distinct hands-on experience in international and national synchronization and licensing rights, as well as in music and sound production, and the works. In 2005, together with Jung von Matt Group, Gerrit co-founded White Horse Music GmbH. In early 2014 he openes another office in Berlin and runs both company locations from there.