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Hirtz, William

William Hirtz


Hirtz Music Construction

Years in the Business 




Job Description 

Songwriter/Producer, Film Composer, Classical Pianist

Career Achievements 

Wrote and produced the songs for “Victima Soycumstance”, a pop album for the group of the same name
7 Year stint as staff composer of scores and songs for Scholastic Video and Audio in NYC
Composed score to feature film “Straight To The Heart”
Wrote lyrics and music for the musical “Galileo”, which was staged Off Broadway
Wrote numerous jingles, songs and scores for the Sun Group in NY
Had Book of Piano Pieces “Tales of Orp” published by KJOS
Received Master Degree in Piano Performance from the Juilliard School
NY Times review of piano debut,”Mr. Hirtz has exceptional technical and musical gifts.”

Professional Goals

To further my career in pop songwriting/producing and film/TV composing, and on the side
play more classical chamber music.


As musicians we should aspire to the highest standards in our work. How it is received is beyond our control.