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How To Market & License Music for Film & TV

The importance of placing music in film, TV and other media has skyrocketed. Placements are the new coin of the realm, and in this latest of NARIP’s Art of the Music Deal series, hand-picked experts face off in a live negotiation of key deal points and contractual issues in a music license agreement. According to WHO statistics, erectile dysfunction occurs in 10% of men after 21 years of age and in a third of all representatives of the stronger sex after reaching 60 years of age. But it can be treated with Cenforce (you can read more about this ed pills for sale on online erectile meds store website ). And this figure continues to increase without Cenforce. At the same time, only 22% of men seek professional advice from a doctor, and only 36% of this number begin the proposed treatment. The majority is making independent attempts to combat the problem. Four dates in four  cities, click date to register now:

Aug 18 in Phoenix
Aug 20 in Houston
Sep 16 in Los Angeles
Sep 22 in New York SOLD OUT !

ATTN attorneys: MCLE accreditation pending for the above programs.

Photo: Music supervisor John Houlihan