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How to Place Music on VH1

Review of NARIP’s Music Supervisor Session with VH1’s Paul Logan.


Okay, so you want to place music on TV shows such as Basketball Wives, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Couples Therapy, and Single Ladies. But you don’t know how. What do you do?

Come to a NARIP Music Supervisor Session (MSS)!

A NARIP MSS is a unique opportunity to pitch music to the people responsible for the use of music in television, film, and other commercial programming. Increasingly, placement is how creators and publisher earn income from music as CD sales decrease and digital piracy robs them of fair pay.

These small sessions—limited to 16 people—guarantee your music will be heard, receive valuable feedback, and possibly get placed on the spot. These sessions also enable you to develop a direct connection and personal relationship with the music supervisor. Having a relationship of trust is an open door for many years to come.

Each session may be a little different based on the music supervisor’s needs and preferences but here are some of the highlights I observed when artists and publishers pitched to Paul Logan of VH1:

These are just a few tips from NARIP’s Music Supervisor Session with Paul Logan at VH1 and each supervisor session will be a little different—but not much. Listen to the entire pitch session to better understand how to get your music placed in TV and film to make money. To download the recording of NARIP’s session in its entirety at, just click here.

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About Paul Logan

Paul Logan has 7 years across VH1 and MTV in both the Los Angeles and New York offices. He is currently a Creative Music Integration Manager at VH1 in Santa Monica, implementing featured music placements for a wide range of programming. Current projects include Basketball Wives, Black Ink Crew, and the upcoming scripted series, Hit the Floor. Other credits include the Single Ladies movie and series, Couples Therapy, Basketball Wives LA, Chrissy & Mr. Jones, Styled By June, Baseball Wives, Saddle Ranch, Beverly Hills Fabulous, Audrina, and others. Paul’s previous experience includes Music & Talent Relations at MTV and Music Marketing at VH1.

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