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Just Announced: Music Supervisor Sessions in New York

We are pleased to announce our upcoming Music Supervisor Series in the Big Apple!

We have secured five of the top music supervisors within the advertising industry to speak at this special series in New York, starting in September.

These supervisors have placed music for various advertisements across the world including, Coca Cola, Volkswagen, Mastercard, X-Box, Disney, Burger King, T-Mobile, Nike, Playstation, Land Rover, Bacardi and Heineken just to name a few.

Each session is limited to 15 people, so we guarantee the supervisors will listen to your music and give constructive feedback!  This is more than just meeting and handing them a demo (which they may never listen to), this is connecting and engaging with them personally.

To register now to secure your seat at one or more of these events, just click here now.