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Kimmel Is Unstoppable: Three Big Placements

NARIP member Peter Kimmel is unstoppable.  This independent song plugger has just secured his third placement as a direct result of NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions which he attended earlier this year in Los Angeles.  What makes this story even better is that he’s placing the music of another NARIP member, Tom Disher, whom he met through NARIP and whom he now represents.  Congratulations Peter and Tom!

(L-R): Music supervisor Andrea von Foerster with Kimmel at a NARIP Music Supervisor Session earlier this year in LA

Kimmel’s placements (as of this moment) include:

“The Big One” by Tom Disher placed in the film Chronicle (music supervisor: Andrea von Foerster)

“Jhiara”  by Tom Disher placed Dexter Episode #4 (The Program) which aired on October 23, 2011 (music supervisor: Gary Calamar)

“The Soul of a Man Never Dies” by Johnny Hatton, featured in True Blood (I Wish I Was the Moon – Series 4, Episode 6)  which aired on July 31, 2011 (music supervisor: Gary Calamar)


Kimmel works every angle. After attending NARIP’s Music In TV program earlier this year with featured Max Luces-Tucker (Music Supervisor, Bunim Murray Productions), Jason Alexander (Music Supervisor, Hit The Ground Running) and music attorney Dean Serwin, Esq., Kimmel submitted to music to Max and the following tracks here represents were used in the 2011 season of the Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen Network.

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