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Adult Swim Talent Booker Davis’s Top Tips To Get Artists Covered, Booked & In The Mix

© 2020 By Mara Davis
Used by NARIP with permission

We are excited to have Mara Davis – Talent Booker at Adult Swim, Radio Personality, Brand Ambassador – guest along with Immersive Atlanta’s Luciano Giarrano and Paste Magazine’s Josh Jackson at NARIP’s Taste Makers Round Table: Music Trends & Opportunities panel this Wed Jan 15, 2020 in Atlanta.  She is active in Atlanta bringing new music talent to light.  #NARIPtastemakers

Here are her top tips to get covered and connected.

  1. Develop a rapport.  I’m more likely to pay attention to someone who’s gone out of their way to get to know me.  Instead of sending an email that says “friends in the media” or “hope you are well” take some time to learn about the person’s job and outlet.  Personalization goes a long way.
  2. Make it easy. Don’t send me things to download because I’m never, ever going to do it.  Anything that is going to slow down someone’s computer is not a good thing.  If it takes more than 5 seconds to jump to it, I’m out.
  3. Plant a seed. Don’t just send a blind press release and expect people to read it. Try reaching out to the person personally – “Hey Mara, I’ve got this cool new band I want you to hear, do you have a second to listen?”   This is how I get people to respond, add some mystery and intrigue.  That also works towards building a relationship.
  4. Send live video. It’s hard to see what a band looks live when I’m looking at a slickly produced video.  My objective in booking is finding talent to perform for the show.  That’s what I need to see if it’s a good fit.  Bands, invest in having your shows filmed performing live.
  5. Have a great social media presence. That’s one of the first places I look.  If I see the artist has a passionate following, I’ll dig deeper.
  6. Be a lovable nudge. When a publicist works hard on behalf of their client it shows.  I’ve given plenty of folks opportunities because they are hustling and not phoning it in.  Going the extra mile is worth it. It may not pan out immediately, but it will in the end.
  7. Take every opportunity. When you are a new trying to get noticed say yes to everything.  You never know where it may lead you.  Be happy that anyone cares to hear you play.


Mara Davis
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Mara Davis, Talent Booker at Adult Swim; Radio Personality, Brand Ambassador

On radio, on TV, on stage, online and in line – usually at the grocery store, like twice a day, Mara Davis seems to be everywhere.  And that’s exactly how she likes it.  Mara is one of the most well-known media personalities in Atlanta. Among her many jobs, Mara reports for WABE – Atlanta’s NPR station – with “Mara’s Music Mix”, a weekly round-up of the city’s best concerts. She also hosts a regular restaurant review segment on the “The Bert Show.”  On TV, Mara is co-host of the Emmy award-winning program, Atlanta Eats. On stage, Davis is a skilled and experienced moderator and emcee.  She has interviewed best-selling authors like Emily Giffin or Liane Moriarty and A-list celebs including John Cusask, Bradley Cooper, Queen Latifah and Adele.  Her emcee gigs include the 30A Songwriters Festival, the Atlanta Film Festival and the Atlanta Jewish Book Festival.  Davis was the host of the popular “Radio Free Lunch” request hour on Dave-FM – and puts that musical knowledge and instinct to use every day booking guests for Adult Swim’s streaming shows… including Sting, Billie Eilish, Post Malone, Jason Isbell and others you will hear about in the years ahead.  Mara’s passion for people – and pets – is on display as spokesperson for The Atlanta Humane Society and The Homeless Period Project, which provides feminine hygiene products for women and girls in need.  Mara lives in Virginia-Highland with her husband Mike, son Charlie and spoiled dog Brogie.