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Mejlvang, Jesper

Jesper Mejlvang




Baltic Recording studio

Job Description:

Film Composer, Music production, Film scoring, Sound design, Audio Post production, Web audio, E-learning, Audio business, Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Years in the record business:


Career Achievements:

Various projects for labels like Sony/BMG, EMI, Medley (dk), Pladecompagniet (dk), Red Horn (se), Universal including gold and platinum Scandinavian pop albums. First call pianist and keyboard player for over two decades appearing on over 200 television shows in Scandinavia. Numerous projects in pop-music production, commercials, TV and film scoring. Grammy Awards and Nominations: Best New Band DK award 86, Best New Band DK nomination 91, Best Producer nomination 92, Best Female Jazz Vocal album DK nomination (as producer) 2004. Founder and current owner of Baltic Recording studio, one of Scandinavia’s best high-end studio facilities located on the fantastic Isle of Bornholm at the Baltic Sea. Owner of the independent record label Baltic Records. Scandinavian pioneer in 5.1 music production.
Spare time singer/songwriter 🙂

Professional Goals:

More and more creative focus on composing, including film scoring and large orchestra productions. Always looking for new exiting projects and challenges, and always with the ultimate goal – to make a difference doing it !
Large budget scoring productions as well as indie-film projects with big emotional impact. To promote and support the great music industry, and to continue to give the audience wonderful and memorable moments.


Quote George Clinton “Free Your mind – and Your ass will follow !”

Contact information:

Jesper Mejlvang