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Because I get asked for recommendations quite a bit, I compiled a short list of music attorneys (and a few non-attorneys) for your convenience and in no particular order.  Note that there are many great attorneys out there, not all of them on this list.

Keep in mind that finding a good lawyer (or any business associate) is like dating: you may have to kiss a few toads.  So while the age-old caveat emptor principle applies, luckily, the individuals listed here are all known to me to be highly competent, I know their work and reputations to be excellent, and have worked with many of them on deals myself.

Even so, you will likely “vibe” more with some than with others, and they all vary in their specializations within the music business.  Some are more affordable than others and are more indie-oriented. So check them out, see what works for you (and what doesn’t) and if you have any negative experiences, please let me know.  More importantly, let me hear the good news as well.

Please let these guys know NARIP referred you.  We receive no consideration or commission of any kind for these referrals, but if it works out, we’d love to hear about your experience and publish a success story.

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Good luck, and know your business!


Tess Taylor

National Association of Record Industry Professionals

Mediation is a conversation and a negotiation between people who disagree on contractual deal points, who are stuck in the middle of creating a contract with sensitive issues, who have work relationship entanglements, or who have communication problems.

The mediator, as a neutral third party, helps create an environment that is productive towards solving disputes and conducive towards understanding the needs and concerns of all parties.  A mediator is not a judge, does not render decisions, nor settle the dispute for you.

Mediation is the alternative dispute resolution option that works in the absolute best interests of the disputants because it allows the parties to maintain total control over the outcome of the problem, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of money.  Mediation is becoming widely accepted throughout the country, eclipsing arbitration by leaps and bounds.  It is the kindest, friendliest, and potentially most effective way to settle differences.

Anything said or written during mediation – other than the Agreement – is confidential.  This is good news for people in the entertainment industry who want to avoid publicity, especially the type of publicity that a court trial could produce.

Due to the strict confidentiality aspect of the mediation process it is difficult for me to know exactly how each mediator on our referral list works.  To vet this list we sought out people with positive personalities (both attorneys and non-attorneys) who have music industry credentials and a sensitivity toward music and the people who comprise our industry, and who keep up with the vast changes in the music business.  We were also mindful to consider people with a wide range of fees to accommodate a wide range of budgetary considerations.  The good news about mediator fees:  the cost is split between the participants!

NARIP member Judy Weigle can be helpful to further explain how mediation fits into the legal process, with or without attorneys’ involvement, before litigation, in the middle of litigation, and in contrast to arbitration and the traditional court trial.  She can help answer questions about the mediators on this list who may be better suited for your particular issue. Contact her at: 323-937-7497 and see her profile here.

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Berklee Online is the award-winning online school of Berklee College of Music, offering individual courses, multi-course certificates, and a bachelor of professional studies degree covering all areas of music. Learn directly from Berklee faculty inside collaborative online classrooms alongside fellow musicians and industry professionals.

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Centennial Music Productions

*Free 2-hour initial consultation*

At Centennial Music Productions, we are developing the artist of tomorrow. Nestled in the San Gabriel mountains (just 20 minutes from Downtown L.A.), in this environment we support you in the production of all aspects – from songwriting, sound production, and artist development – of your musical vision. 8188230269

Our goal: to capture the authenticity of the artist’s unique essence in sound and bring it to the world.


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Custom built acoustic sound panels and bass traps designed and built by a team of recording and woodworking professionals.


*15% off a Photo Session Package.*

Niall David Photography works with musicians, families, magazines and more on a variety of photographic needs. Niall’s portfolio includes album covers, press kit photos, live performance, recording studio documentary projects and business portraits.

For more information visit

Morris Music Law

*Free one hour initial consultation*

Music lawyer/attorney.

Contract drafting and negotiation; copyright registration, licensing, and transfers; trademarks, rights of publicity, and business associations.

A couple recent accomplishments: successfully negotiated recording contract, and drafted and negotiated synch and maser use licenses for a film.
310 439 3737