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Christian, Roger W.


Roger W. Christian




Roger Christian Entertainment Group, LLC

Job Description:

Own / co-own / run / manage group of boutique labels, artist manager, owner publishing company.

Years in the record business:

27 years on the business side and 45 years as artist / musician

Career Achievements:

Sr. Director country music for Universal Music Group, Regional Director Universal Music Dallas, Regional Director Universal Music Chicago, sales manager Sony Music / CBS Records New York, national marketing director WTG Records Los Angeles, GM MDI Arlington, Texas, sales rep for CBS Denver, MCA Denver, Sales Manager MCA Dallas, west coast divisional marketing manager for UNI, owner Roger Christian Marketing (retail marketing company, sales rep for big state distributing Denver, CO, 2003 outstanding achievement award for Universal Music.

Professional Goals:

Help artists have profitable, fruitful careers in music / run successful labels in the new world of recorded music.


Be honest and work hard helping others.