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Corsaut, Thomas

Thomas Corsaut




HouseRules Music

Job Description:

I am a songwriter, performer and recording engineer. All around DIY Musician. As a sideline I produce videos most of which feature my music.

Years in the record business:


Career Achievements:

I have produced 5 CD’s showcasing music I have written personally and with outside projects.In addition I have placed songs in some independent films both short and full length.
I have also done a bit of voice-over work both as producer and sometimes talent.

Professional Goals:

I would like to find a greater audience through new media placements. I will always continue to write and produce songs for independent distribution. I am working towards blending music, video and artwork into a single franchise around my music.


Every Musician is a thief and a magpie.

-borrowed from Elvis Costello.

Every philosophy is true to a degree and false to degree. Right in the middle is reality.

Contact information:

Thomas Corsaut