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VP Sales & Marketing


Neurotic Media

Job Description:

We help record labels, retailers and brands influence consumer behavior using popular artists and songs via entertainment download solutions.

Years in the record business: 24 years

Career Achievements:

Generated over $50 million in new business for EMI Music with specialized focus on branded entertainment for a diverse clients including:  American Express, Bahama Breeze, Belk, Cracker Barrel, Dairy Queen, Dr. Pepper, Kohl’s, Masterlock, Royal Caribbean, The Weather Channel and more.  The results have appeared in media outlets such as: Billboard, Brandweek, The Chicago Tribune, CNN, CMT, Forbes, The New York Times, PROMO Magazine, Rolling Stone among others.

Professional Goals:

To create compelling and effective entertainment promotions for brands and retailers.


Your silent partner in a loud business.

Contact information:


Neurotic Media

112 Krog St. #22

Atlanta, GA  30307

Tel: (678) 904-5226


Email: gary_AT_neuroticmedia_DOT_com