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Foley, Eugene



Eugene Foley




Foley Entertainment, Inc.

Job Description:

Foley Entertainment, Inc. is a music industry consulting firm and licensed Entertainment Agency. Foley Entertainment represents recording artists, songwriters, managers, labels, executives, producers, engineers, mixers, session musicians, publishers, studios and other industry participants. The firm provides a variety of professional services, including career guidance & direction, artist development, networking opportunities, project quarterbacking, team building, as well as marketing, radio promotion, publicity and advertising campaigns.

Years in the record business:

Foley Entertainment will be celebrating our 20 Year Anniversary in May 2009. I also spent time as a guitarist and songwriter while in college and law school. So I’ve been on both sides of the proverbial desk.

Career Achievements:

Whenever a client earns a Gold or Platinum Record Award or a GRAMMY®, it’s always a special moment. Being a small part of their success from behind the scenes is very rewarding. I am also thrilled with the success of my music business educational book, “Artist Development – A Distinctive Guide To The Music Industry’s Lost Art.” It’s truly an honor to read the positive reviews from the press and e-mails from literally thousands of songwriters, recording artists and industry professionals who enjoyed the book and said that it really helped them.

Professional Goals:

As I mention in my firm’s Mission Statement, I strive to cultivate the highest possible level of Client achievement through passionate, inspirational and innovative contributions to every project that Foley Entertainment takes part in.


“A wise man knows everything. A shrewd one, everybody.”

Contact information:

Tel: 908.684.9400
E-mail: EugeneFoleyMusic AT aol DOT com