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Hughes, Kimberly

Kimberly Hughes


Crossover Editor/National Rhythm/Crossover Promotion


HITS Magazine and

Job Description:

Responsibilities include supervising national Rhythm/Crossover, radio, music-marketing department for Hits Magazine and; Writing and editing content for magazine and online website; Market and publicize major and independent record labels’ artists to radio Program and Music Directors nationwide. Write weekly column for magazine and website. Act as liaison for HITS Magazine to all Rhythm/Crossover press and marketing events as well as recording artist meetings and showcases. Publicize these artists and their events in magazine, online, as well as to radio nationwide.

Years in the record business: 24 Years

Career Achievements:

The one that I just kick myself for is Macarena. We, Carmen Cacciatore, and I got Macarena signed. I found this little dance number, Macarena, in Seattle (with the help of Shelley Hart at KUBE). I delivered it to RCA. Carmen found a better mix from these Cats called the Bayside Boys in Miami). We were STRONGLY discouraged from the powers that be at the time, to not make any side deals. And, the label wouldn’t cut us in or make any deal with us at all as we were “promotion employees”. We were told “It wouldn’t be considered above board.” And, boy, did I learn a lesson from that. After bringing it to the label, and helping spearhead the campaign to deliver a #1 record resulting in the megamillions sold worldwide.

There are so many artist campaigns that I’ve been involved with, or created and directed over the years with artists emerging from all types of genres. As a local and regional for RCA I worked with most radio formats: Top 40, Rhythm Crossover, Rock, Alternative, Hot AC, AAA.

5/2003 – Present: Music Columnist/Crossover Editor/Hits Magazine/National
Radio Promotion Column:

10/2002 – 6/2003: National Director, West Coast. Big 3 Records/Big 3 Ent.
-Artists marketed included Rick Derringer, Cheap Trick.

1/2002 – 10/2002: Keep-It-Monitored Marketing/K-I-M Marketing & Promotion.
-Formed National Top 40-Rhythmic and Top 40-Mainstream, promotion and marketing business; Consultant to Crossover and Pop Departments at record companies.
-Clients included: Dreamworks Records, Koch Records, Powerhowse/Universal Records, TVT Records, Robbins Entertainment, Aezra/BMG Entertainment, Big 3 Records, etc; Developed national, promotion strategies; Garnered airplay; Consulted clients on advertising, independent budgets, and general radio marketing and promotion campaigns.

1/2001 – 1/2002: Vice President Promotion, Trauma Records/InMotion Ent.
-Projects included: Shaquille O’Neal and His Superfriends; Mary Kate and Ashley/The Olsen Twins Soundtracks (Dualstar Films/Warner Home Video); The Princess and The Warrior Soundtrack (New Motion/Sony Pictures); Sugar & Spice Soundtrack (New Line Films).

6/1996 – 1/2001: Vice President Promotion, Loud Records/Sony Music
-Projects included: Wu-Tang Clan (Multi-Platinum), Big Punisher (Multi-Platinum), Xzibit (Platinum), Mobb Deep (Platinum), Krayzie Bone, Funkmaster Flex and more.

8/1994 – 6/1996: National Director Pop & Crossover Promotion RCA Records/BMG
-Discovered and delivered “Macarena” single, La Bouche Album, and Kristine W. Album, resulting in RCA’s signing and profiting on multi-platinum albums.
-Projects included: SWV (Platinum) La Bouche (Platinum) Macarena (Multi-Platinum), Delinquent Habits, Chantay Savage, and more.

1989 – 1994: Regional Promotion Director, RCA Records/BMG

1987 – 1989: Local Promotion Manager, RCA Records/BMG
-Projects included: Dave Matthews Band, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Dirty Dancing, R. Kelly, Hi-Five, Samantha Fox, Kool Moe Dee, Too Short, Love & Rockets, Bruce Hornsby, The Primitives, Lisa Loeb, Cowboy Junkies, Michael Penn, Clannad (Enya), and more.

Additional Work Experience:
-Major Market (#4) Radio Music Director/Assistant Program Director KBLX
SF, Inner City Broadcasting.
-Major Market reporter for SF Wire Services, KNBR/NBC News Desk Asst. Weekly News

Professional Goals:

Continuing to evolve and thrive in our ever-changing industry.


Carpe Diem! You never know when you’re “Moment 4 Life” will come again (Big Ups to Nicky Minaj for coining that phrase and backing it up with a CD full of HITS). And, while you’re seizing that moment, ALWAYS, treat people the way you would like to be treated. Be kind. Maintain a level of honesty, which I’ve been told is contrary to Promotion. However, I’ve found the old adage “Honesty is the best Policy” to be true. It’s, seriously, always worked for me.

Contact information:
Kimberly Hughes c/o, HITS
4220 Lankershim Blvd 3rd Floor,
North Hollywood Ca. 91602b
Tel: HITS Office (818)506-8800.
E-mail: HitsMaHustle_AT_aol_DOT_com