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Kealey, Michael



Michael Kealey


Motor Scout Music Publishing

Job Description: 

Owner of independent music publishing agency, Motor Scout Music Publishing. We are an agency with a focus on developing artists and songwriters to maximize their creative talents and value.


Career Achievements: 

Over a decade working in the music industry at master and publishing licensing. Promoted to creative manager and responsible for signing producers on two Grammy nominated albums for “Best Dance Albums”. Scouted and signed clients that have sold gold records as well as setting up co-writing sessions that have resulted in festival season anthems and heavy Beatport sales. I have spoken on more than a dozen music industry related panels in New York, Miami, Pennsylvania and California.

Professional Goals: 

My professional goals are to expose the interesting, dynamic and creative talents of new artists and songwriters to the world. I want to contribute to the global culture by breaking talent that connects with audiences all over the world. By exposing the music and creativity of my clients and making their success a priority, I believe I will achieve everything I want to as an effect of being passionate about their art.


My prerequisite for a client is that “I want to be a fan first.” I want to love the music first and everything else will fall into place. If I love it, the enthusiasm will come across when I speak about it. 

Contact information:

(201) 210-1681