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Lyneis, Jennifer

Jennifer Lyneis




Ue3 Promotions

Job Description:

Brand Marketing Executive/Radio Promotions Quarterback

Years in the record business: 15

For over ten years, Jennifer Lyneis crafted a solid expertise in consumer promotions and marketing for the music and entertainment industry. Her concepts in marketing recording artist through large corporate events attracted attention from record labels, movie studios and booking agents nationwide. “I believe we can bring new acts to the attention of the buying public with great rewards to corporate sponsors and all involved.” She has coordinated tour sponsorship for Miller Brewing Company, Heineken, TMobile, and Verizon to name a few as well as various charities benefiting arts and entertainment. “Aligning your artist with a major brand is a more effective way to bring it to the masses and current ever-changing market.” Jennifer’s work promoting acts to national radio has earned her Top 40 Promotion team of the year in 2003, Hot AC Record Promoter of the Year in 2004 and AC record promoter of the year in 2008. She has worked with Grammy award winning and nominated acts such as Jack Johnson, Brian McKnight, Nelly Furtado, and Barry Manilow to name a few as well as numerous up and coming acts. In 2011, Lyneis was nominated a Top 10 Music Brand Executive by NARIP (National Association of Record Industry Professionals). Jennifer Lyneis has become a staple in the music industry as one of the most sought after radio promotion and brand marketing consultants. Lyneis is an ASCAP member as a songwriter and publisher through her publishing company Mascara Rain.

Contact information:
Address: PO Box 3478 Burbank, Ca 91508
Tel: 818-230-7781
E-mail: Jen_AT_ue3promotions_DOT_com