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Manzanedo, Brenda Tamayo


Brenda Tamayo Manzanedo


Director, Manufacturing & Production Services for BMG Columbia House (full-time) / VP Marketing & Publicity SoJo Artist Management (part-time)


BMG Columbia House – Direct Group North America; SoJo Artist Management

Job Description:

Manage the manufacturing and production scheduling for BMG Columbia House’s compact disc operation. This encompasses over 2,500 new titles annually for inclusion in both direct mail catalogs and the BMG Music and websites. In charge of all marketing and publicity initiatives for music artists on the SoJo Artist Management roster.

Years in the Record Business:

BMG Columbia House New York – 8 Years / Capitol EMI Los Angeles – 6 Years / SoJo Artist Management – 2 Years

Career Achievements:

I take pride in the fact that I am well-versed and experienced in a number of areas including product distribution and manufacturing, marketing and promotion, sales and retail.

Professional Goals:

I want to be part of the new music revolution and help bring the music business back to the forefront of the entertainment industry where it deserves to be.


“A good day is any day that you’re alive.” – Paul Westerberg

Contact Information:

E-mail: brenda_sojo AT earthlink DOT net; brenda.manzanedo AT bertelsmann DOT com