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Peet. Irene


Feature Sounds/Lady Marmalade Music


Music Publisher/Songwriter

Years in the Business:


Job Description:

Indie Music Publisher and songwriter. I place songs and tracks in film and TV and with major recording artists and write songs for major artists. I have also started a voice over company.

Career Achievements:

I started my career as a songwriter and artist and was signed to Warner Chappell in Scandinavia. After that I studied in the US and took a BA in Music at MI and also Publishing, A&R and Songwriting courses at UCLA. 2002 I started my first independent publishing company; Lady Marmalade Music; featuring my own songs, and in 2004; Feature Sounds, featuring other composers’ songs. I have placed music in; Fast and Furious video game, in MTV, HBO, CBS, ABC etc. and had major artists releases, such as on Super Junior’s last Christmas album and other Asian artists. Movie releases; “A Dennis the Menace Christmas”, “The Perfect Holiday”, First Dog, How to Go Out on A Date in Queens, Lost on the B Side, 29 and Holding, Light years Away, the opening song credit in “The Beautiful Beast”. As a songwriter I recently co-wrote the # 1 single for Marta Sanchez; “Mi Cuerpo Pide Pas” (Universal Spain) and have a Billboard dance cut with the song “Faith” (Universal) and with Luttenberger & Klug (Warner) . I recently released 5 songs in Asia and one ring tone. Other achievements; voice overs.

Career Goals:

My goals is to focus more on song placements to major artists, and also in film and TV and commercials, since I have had most success with songs in general over the years, and recently got many placements in Asia. I also started a voice over company, that will go hand in hand with my intention to produce music for advertisement and jingles etc.

Contact Information:

818 505 1816