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Ross, Bettie



Bettie Ross




American Creative Enterprises, Inc.

Job Description:

Multi-keyboardist, including piano, pipe organ, synthesizers. Composer for piano music, pipe organ music, art songs, pop songs, choir music (sacred and secular), and television network music. Choral conductor. Music prep and copy work for a single major client.

Years in the record business:


Career Achievements:

Composer for Nancy Cartwright’s “In Search of Fellini”, and for Warner Brothers network TV music. Pianist/keyboardist for Melissa Manchester, the Bellamy Brothers, and Broadway star James Barbour. Pipe organist for Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out of Hell III”, and for Pres. Ronald Reagan’s memorial service at his personal church, Bel Air Presbyterian. First woman conductor at Japan’s famed Tokyo Music Festival, live to a TV audience of 10 million. Synthesist/keyboardist and composer for storytelling group Celestial Navigations since 1996, both on recordings and live gigs. Music prep and copyist for multi-platinum arranger David Campbell since 1996 (out of the Top Billboard 100 albums for 2006, Bettie worked on 27). Released own piano solo CD of original music in December 2006: “A Magical Time of Year”, through Alternative Classical Records. Currently working on a new CD: “Romance Suite”, to be released October 2007.

Professional Goals:

To reach thousands upon thousands of listeners and to effect some kind of beneficial change in their lives – all through music.


“Carpe Diem, with a definite eye on the future!”

Contact information:

PO Box 2960
Winnetka, CA 91396

Tel: (818) 759-1700
E-mail: bettie AT bettieross DOT com
Websites: ;