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Smith, Jasmin







Jasmin Smith




Alaska Music Leaders Association

Job Description:

Responsible for Program Development, Management  and Implementation. Outside Industry Recruitment and Sales as it pertains to programs and events and Alaskan Artist Mentorship. Responsible for Outreach, Recruitment new members, partners,  and sponsors.

Years in the record business:


Career Achievements:

I have had various professional accomplishments throughout my life but the most important two were:

Unifying Alaska’s music scene and key players by creating the Alaska Music Leaders Association

Being the first women of color to create and lead a major music organization in Alaska

Creating the business development training program aimed at aspiring artists and other industry professionals in Alaska (to show them the industry is more than just the music to be heard, it’s the individual packaging, planning, and marketing that will help determine one’s success)

Professional Goals:

To secure 3-6 guest speakers per year to visit Alaska and present to our artist and other industry related professionals about the business and ways to advance their career.

To ensure Alaskan Artists have opportunities to showcase their talents in communities outside of the last frontier


We may be the last froniter but we’re #1 for northern exposure!”

Contact information:

Jasmin Smith


Anchorage, Alaska