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Wagner, Dick

Wagner, Dick


Dick Wagner


Managing Director


Desert Dreams LLC

Job Description:

Producer, Songwriter, Record Label Executive

Years in the record business:

40 +

Career Achievements:

Hit Songwriter and Guitar virtuoso Dick Wagner has been a musical force in rock and pop for more than 30 years. Wagner’s melodic and soaring lead guitar was the creative spark in the careers of artists including *Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Kiss, Lou Reed, Hall and Oates,* among many others. Together with Alice Cooper, Wagner has written the majority of Alice Cooper’s top selling singles and albums; and five Dick Wagner songs have been Top Ten singles. Dick Wagner songs have been recorded by diverse artists, including *Alice Cooper, Tina Turner, Ringo Starr, Etta James, Peter Gabriel, Flo & Eddie, Rod Stewart and Air Supply.* *Alice Cooper and Dick Wagner* are currently writing together again in preparation for Alice’s next CD release.

Professional Goals:

To impart my years of experience and knowledge to the development of young artists.


You ain’t seen nothin’ yet….

Contact information:

Dick Wagner
Desert Dreams Productions
10645 N Tatum Blvd, Suite 200-463
Phoenix, AZ 85028

Tel: (989) 295-9247
Email: dw1 at