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Walin, Matthew James


Matthew James Walin




Bitemark Records

Job Description:

A&R, Marketing Director, Record Producer

Years in the record business:

12 years

Career Achievements:

I have consistently earned money through developing and promoting the artistic growth in myself and artists I work with. I have many releases that I have written, performed and/or produced that I am so proud of! I have consistently and positively affected the careers of everyone that I have committed to work with at my label.

Professional Goals:

To broaden my skills in the marketing aspects of running a successful record label resulting in increased record sales and more opportunities to develop more careers for emerging artists.


Bitemark is the premier artist career development record label.

Contact information:

Matt Walin
P.O. Box 2074
Orange, CA  92859

Tel: 714-920-0119
E-mail: matt AT bitemark DOT com