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Whynot, Lisa

Lisa Whynot


Owner, Lisa Whynot Entertainment and Digital Media Law, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Whynot Entertainment and Digital Media Consultant, Los Angeles, California

Job Description:

Representation of Musicians, Writers, Producers, Mixers and Songwriters in general music contract and copyright law, and consultation with digital media companies on the issue of legitimate distribution of copyrighted materials in the digital medium.

Years in the record business: 13

Career Achievements:

Head of business and Legal Affairs at EMI Music Canada, Owner and Operator of a successful international legal and consulting business.

Professional Goals:

To continue to protect artists and find new revenue streams based on the legitimate use of music in the new digital market place.


“This is not the end of the music business, it’s a chance for us to be creative and rebuild; let’s think outside the box.”

Contact information:
Tel: 310-740-5395
E-mail: lisa_AT_lisawhynot_DOT_com