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Recommended Music Attorneys


Because I get asked for recommendations quite a bit, I compiled a short list of music attorneys (and a few non-attorneys) for your convenience and in no particular order.  Note that there are many great attorneys out there, not all of them on this list.

Keep in mind that finding a good lawyer (or any business associate) is like dating: you may have to kiss a few toads.  So while the age-old caveat emptor principle applies, luckily, the individuals listed here are all known to me to be highly competent, I know their work and reputations to be excellent, and have worked with many of them on deals myself.

Even so, you will likely “vibe” more with some than with others, and they all vary in their specializations within the music business.  Some are more affordable than others and are more indie-oriented. So check them out, see what works for you (and what doesn’t) and if you have any negative experiences, please let me know.  More importantly, let me hear the good news as well.

Please let these guys know NARIP referred you.  We receive no consideration or commission of any kind for these referrals, but if it works out, we’d love to hear about your experience and publish a success story.

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Good luck, and know your business!


Tess Taylor

National Association of Record Industry Professionals