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Bramble, Derek

Top Music Producer

NARIP’s series continues on May 18 with top producer Derek Bramble whose career simply put, has been amazing.At age 14, he joined top R&B band Heatwave whose hits consist of “Always and Forever,” “Groove Line” and “Boogie Nights”. Group member Rod Temperton, after hearing some of Bramble’s writings became his mentor.

After leaving Heatwave at age 20, Bramble went on to have a string of Top Twenty hits in England and Europe with various artists and bands. Since moving to Los Angeles a few years ago, he has quietly put up great numbers while showing amazing diversity by working with some of the biggest names from opposite ends of the musical spectrum. David Bowie, Faith Hill, Will Smith and Whitney Houston are just a few of those names, with whom he has created an impressive collage of cuts and hits.

Bramble has an strong knowledge of the music business and a passion for working within any genre of music. His successes speak for themselves as does his ongoing ability to demonstrate true heart and soul in his music.