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Strader, Dan

NARIP Board Member and President, Geodesic Management

Dan Strader




Geodesic Management

Job Description:

Talent Manager / Booking

Years in the entertainment/music business: 12

Career Achievements:

Being in the business for 12 years and counting.

Professional Goals:

That goal changes weekly.


“Don’t sh*t where you eat. Speak your mind and tell the truth.”

An entertainment veteran, Dan Strader has extensive experience producing and touring music and stage productions, nationally and internationally. Mr. Strader started his career in television news production moving to syndicated national programming with Warner Brothers Television. His music and theatrical management background is extensive and he has worked with some highly regarded musicians and venues in the Los Angeles, New Orleans and New York markets. For the past ten years Mr. Strader has managed, produced and booked national and international tours for Geodesic Management.

Contact information:

Address: 2255 5th Ave. Suite 5B, NYC 10037
Tel: 212.876.7085
E-mail: dan_AT_geodesicmanagement_DOT_com