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Williams, Brett

New Noise Management

Brett Williams (New Noise Management) currently looks after Cold War Kids, Delta Spirit and Aushua. Brett began his career in the music industry as an 18 year old intern at Interscope in the international department. He continued at Interscope until graduation from college. After this, he worked in the retail/marketing department at The Militia Group/Sidecho Records. While at TMG/SC, his roommate and childhood friend, Nathan Willett began to take Cold War Kids (comprised of other childhood friends) off the ground. Brett, realizing that his friends were incredibly talented, immediately offered to jump in and began managing the band. As the pace and heat began to rise, Brett quit his job at TMG/SC to manage Cold War Kids full time. At the tender age of 23, in the summer of 2006, Brett found himself managing a knock-down drag-out record company bidding war consisting of 17 different labels. By the end of 2006, Cold War Kids had signed not only two split territory record deals but also two split territory publishing deals. Brett now finds himself managing the band and the business relationships he and the band foisted upon two entirely unrelated record companies. In 2006, Brett began managing Delta Spirit, a band that he encouraged to self-release their debut album (and just did so) after spurning more than one major label. In early 2007, Brett began working with a band called Aushua whom he is developing now.