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NARIP Appoints Eileen Tilson

NARIP is pleased to announce the appointment of Eileen Tilson to its Executive Director of its Atlanta chapter.

Since launching in Atlanta in June, NARIP has established a strong and growing presence there. “With the appointment of Eileen Tilson, a savvy executive and natural promoter, we will expand our reach dramatically. We are excited to take our Atlanta chapter to a new level with her help,” says NARIP president Tess Taylor.

“Eileen approached us earlier this year, having attended a NARIP event in New York that so impressed her that she insisted on getting involved in NARIP efforts to launch in Atlanta. She has been with us since pre-launch, an avid and articulate spokesperson for NARIP, and she epitomizes the modern music executive who wants to learn, grow and improve in every way despite the fact that she is already accomplished. She is smart, hard-working and dedicated, and has already contributed to NARIP Atlanta growth and promotion of NARIP in this region. We are delighted to have her on board, and she has already proven to be a valuable asset to the organization.”

Meet The Latest Lady of NARIP August 25 in Atlanta

Meet Ms. Tilson at NARIP’s Music In Advertising & Branding Program tomorrow (Aug 25) at SAE Institute at 7:00 p.m. in Atlanta.  Details at

About Eileen Tilson

Eileen Tilson is VP of New Media Marketing/PR at Tipping Point Entertainment Group, a full service entertainment career strategy company that works with its clients to maximize every opportunity to insure career success. Eileen started her publicity career in politics, before a fateful meeting with radio legend Leslie Fram and her husband (TPEG Founder and President) Lanny West, launched her career in the music business. Being groomed by some of the most respected professionals in the industry, Eileen quickly educated herself on the evolving music business, and specializes in social media and networking, viral marketing, and music 2.0. She divides her time between Atlanta and New York.

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