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NARIP Appoints New Officer: Meet Roy Braverman April 17

NARIP is pleased to announce the appointment of Roy Braverman to its Board of Directors as Audio Advisor.

“Roy Braverman has been as asset to NARIP since the moment he attended our first event three years ago. Since then, he has become even more valued through his contributions, insights and hard work,” says NARIP president Tess Taylor. “He is the type of member we seek to attract, and the type of person we should all aspire to be: generous, smart, talented, kind, accomplished and creative. He was a key player in establishing NARIP Philadelphia in 2009 and has connected NARIP to many great people and opportunities that have enhanced our organization in countless ways.  He has also expanded our offerings of high-quality recordings of NARIP programs.  We are thrilled to have him join NARIP’s Board of Directors.”

Meet Roy April 17 in Los Angeles

Meet Roy Braverman at NARIP’s next Los Angeles event – our monthly music biz brunch – which will take place on Saturday, April 17, 2010. Click here to get details and register now.

About Roy Braverman

Roy Braverman’s life revolves around the world of music and sound, and he has achieved creative and technical excellence in diverse disciplines.  He has played keyboards for a number of bands including The Captain & Tennille.  Mr. Braverman’s own library of songs (which he has written, performed and produced) have received critical acclaim, and his technical expertise has garnered him awards including a Silver Microphone, several Golden Reels, multiple Emmy awards and a host of nominations.  His company Bravermania showcases his talents and an impressive network of industry experts capable of taking on any facet of sound, music, video and multimedia and polishing it to perfection. With his expertise in the latest sound technologies along with his creative skills, Mr. Braverman understands the marketplace and how to set any project in the best possible sound, and can offer insight on how to create and produce music of superior artistic and technical value.

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