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NARIP’s Biggest Placement Yet

NARIP hit the bull’s eye of music placements with a major European brand campaign that  launched this week with Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.

NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions in September in Berlin sparked a major media placement and activated some priceless new relationships when one artist – Jonah – struck gold.

White Horse Music’s Gerrit Winterstein and NARIP’s Tess Taylor at the session where Jonah’s song was selected.

“Jonah’s music hit me like a lightning bolt. I foresaw immediately that their song ’All We Are‘ would elevate the new Vodafone ad campaign in a dynamic and brilliant way. Vodafone shared that vision and agreed enthusiastically. We are all working together now and looking forward to a successful future,” said Gerrit Winterstein, music supervisor for White Horse Music which represents Vodafone and other major brands.  Winterstein was NARIP’s guest at the Session.

See the campaign video below:

Vodafone, is the world’s second largest mobile telecommunications company with over 411 million customers and operates in nearly 30 countries. Until its sale in early 2014, Vodafone held a 45% stake in Verizon Wireless (US).

NARIP Sessions were sold out for the 4th year in a row at Berlin Music Week, where the standing-room-only sessions are featured.

Cinesong’s Milena Fessmann with participants from NARIP’s Session with her. Photo (C) 2014 NARIP

Music Supervisors Promote Cultural Exchange, Generate Goodwill and Revenue For Creators and Companies

This year, NARIP brought German music supervisors Winterstein and Milena Fessmann to hear music pitches for their current projects. They are responsible for finding and licensing music for their projects, be it a TV show, a film, trailer, video game, advertisement or brand campaign. Music placement in such projects is one of the fastest ways to exploit music to a global audience and support artists, labels, publishers and their countries’ music industries. Music supervisors play an important role in promoting cultural exchange, generate fee based music uses, and valuable exposure for new artists like Jonah whose performance has been heard by hundreds of thousands of consumers in just a few days.

NARIP Music Supervisor Sessions are a HIT

NARIP Music Supervisor Sessions are a hit in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, London, Paris and Berlin, and have spawned many imitators because of their success. Participants’ music is heard and they receive immediate feedback, which is  why almost 200 placements have resulted since launching NARIP’s Sessions in 2011.

In NARIP Session with Gerrit Winterstein at Berlin Music Week. Photo (C) NARIP 2014

A New Access Point

“We have created an access point that wasn’t available before,” says Tess Taylor, president of NARIP and creator of the series. “We’re thrilled with the success of these sessions in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, London, Paris and Berlin, as are participants. This broadens the access to music, access that might otherwise not exist. We look forward to bringing these sessions to more cities around the world.”

NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions diversify potential usage of music and level the playing field for people who may not yet have enormous market presence or music catalogs, or a foothold in the American marketplace. This is valuable for diversity, for the public, for business and above all for music.

What People Say About NARIP Sessions

“It’s useful to know how to approach a music supervisor, what they look for and that it might help to invite them to lunch!” says Flowing Records’ Synje Norland.

Motor Entertainment’s Christian Goebel summed it up: “NARIP Sessions are one of the absolute highlights of Berlin Music Week. The format of the event is outstanding due to its hands-on approach that enables real understanding. The level of the experts is top [of the line[. Beyond the event itself, all the preparational tasks and the information given out by NARIP is extremely useful and really raised the bar with its professionalism and internationality.  In that respect it has not only been professionally helpful but also personally encouraging. It would be fantastic if more NARIP events would take place in Europe. We’re already looking forward to next year.”

NARIP Sessions Work

The evidence is in the results, including almost 200 placements in hit television shows like True Blood, in the #1 U.S. independent box office film Chronicle, a trailer for Grudge Match (starring Sylvester Stallone  and Robert De Niro), in advertisements for global brands such as  MacDonald’s, AT&T and now Vodafone.  Also, NARIP Session have spakred countless creative  collaborations, staff composer jobs, new working relationships and strategic introductions, including  one participant / NARIP member whose new contacts enable her to form an entire international sub-publishing network.

“We are all very gratified by the success of NARIP’s Music Supervisor  Sessions this year, and with this extraordinary placement of Jonah in  the Vodafone campaign,” says NARIP President Tess Taylor, who created  these Sessions. “With standing-room-only Sessions, it’s very satisfying when  our global organization can facilitate great music for the public, recognition and financial rewards for the creators and marketers of  music, no matter where in the world they may be. We’re delighted that NARIP has helped make the distance between majors brands and independent artists in Berlin that much shorter.”

Angelo Mammone of Jonah after NARIP Session, pictured here with NARIP’s Tess Taylor. (C) NARIP 2014

Taylor is president of NARIP, the biggest music business network in the  world. Now in its 16th year, NARIP reaches over 130,000 around the  world. She is also creator of NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions which  have spawned a host of imitators throughout the industry. The Sessions are a successful integration of buyer and seller, and a blueprint for effective programming widely duplicated today.

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