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The National Association of Music Merchandisers (NAMM) is always a grand experience.  Day One of the conference excitement this year began immediately with the impressive NAMM Show App. With a directory of all show vendors, it acted as a GPS, guiding us to specific booths. This is incredibly helpful when in a rush and lost in the sea of instruments and equipment.

The stand-out booth for me was Midi’s anniversary display. Their first Midi recording program on a Compaq Presario computer from the 70s was hooked up to, and successfully recording audio directly from, Garage Band in an iPad 5.


I also enjoyed attending the Hot Zone panels. The online fundraising panel was especially informative, comparing fan fundraising sites Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Pledge Music. The talk also touched on general social media tips that were very useful.


Saturday I attended a great interview with producer Carmen Rizzo (Coldplay, Alanis Morissette). It was great hearing his down-to-earth outlook on making music, and his story about how he rose to the top.


The newest addition to Team NARIP, Devon Sigmon (pictured below), had this to say about his first experience at NAMM:


“This was my first year attending the NAMM show and no words can truly express my true inner feelings for what I experienced! It was like Guitar Center on steroids. The huge number of people you to network with was incredible and the new product showcases were awesome. I was also so impressed by the stars who came out to perform and play with gear, too.  NAMM is a hugely informative event filled with fun and knowledge.  I was able to stop by booths of several companies whose product I own and get hands-on advice which has already come me in handy in so many ways.”

“I was also able to play around with Necktor, the new midi controller that was build for Reason, which is what I use to construct my beats. It’s a very cool piece of gear, and it enhances my workflow instead of slowing me down while I try to figure out new functions and buttons.”

“Overall I had an amazing time experience at NAMM and hope I’m able to attend again. For anyone who’s curious, I  encourage you to attend. If not for the gear then for the shows, and if not for the shows then at least for the knowledge and company of the mane good people there.”

One of the most fun parts of the show was NARIP Member spotting!

NAMM-22Devon Sigmon with independent song plugger Peter Kimmel

NAMM-17The Fly Pig Productions Team




We look forward to the next show!