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NARIP Gets Phat @ The Pig & Whistle

Fit, fat, feisty and fractious as ever, NARIP gets down at the Pig & Whistle in Hollywood for another industry mixer TOMORROW – Thursday, June 4. You asked for it, we did it.  How foolish it would be for you to miss it.  All are welcome and admission is free.

For you first-timers, we’ve even penned a tiny ode to sum up what you will encounter. NARIP will award one complimentary cocktail to any person who submits a superior “Ode to NARIP” which shouldn’t be difficult as our iambic pentameter ain’t what it used to be. The more literary among you may note a certain bold stylistic mix of meters. One does what one can.  Click here to see if you can top it.  We dare you.