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NARIP Gets Phat at Skinny’s

April 2, 2008

I’m always interested in attending NARIP got busy… and skinny at Skinny’s, an excellent new club in the heart of the NoHo Arts District. Fine photos from Justin Winokur capture the joie de vivre with which all and sundry conducted themselves, mostly at a highly professional level, and with only one known incident of groping (which was fortunately captured on camera). There was minimal loss of life and we can report that only one person was set on fire (Sheri Pedigo’s hair got a bit too close to a cocktail candle as she was exchanging sweet nothings with a handsome man). The flames were quickly extinguished and Sheri was rapidly restored to good humor and suffered no injury (thankfully). You can see how we get a bit carried away at these NARIP mixers! Business card exchange stimulated a tiny tornado, accompanied by lots of good will and opportunity in abundance for all. Special thanks to Simon Jones at Skinny’s for his humor and for the wonderful little cheeses. NARIP loves Skinny’s! Go there yourselves and find out why. Click here.

NARIP Snapshots