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Digital Distribution Checklist

The following checklist was provided by IODA’s VP of Marketing Tim Mitchell at a recent NARIP program at which a digital distribution contract was negotiated. These are the most important items to keep in mind when making such a deal.

Case Study: A band (or artist) that did it right.

A few of IODA’s successes discussed during NARIP’s program (with details of execution) include Pigeon John, Tokyo Police Club and Frank Black.

How To Evaluate A Digital DistributorThis is not an easy decision to make. Here are some things to consider:

Checklist of Must-Haves in a Digital Distributor

How To Build Digital Sales

How To Make the Most of Your Digital Distributor

Lead time, lead time, lead time. Sprint, for example, asks for 24 weeks to set up a big release. IODA has quarterly presentations at iTunes – that’s months in advance. Engage with them, it’s a partnership, not a typical label / distributor relationship

How To Grow A Fan Base (or email list)

Fee Ranges For Various Services

Digital Deals To Augment Live Efforts

Top 5 Digital Distribution Deal Points

Systematic Approach to Breaking A Band

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