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NARIP Music Supervisor Sessions: Placements & Success Stories

NARIP Placements & Success Stories

With well over 2000 placements (and more in the works), and also 31 signings to synch agent and music publishing deals, NARIP members have hit the mark in major network television shows, films, advertisements, brand campaigns and documentaries.  Placements are only part of the success they experience: professional relationships formed have resulted in creative collaborations too numerous to mention, including deals signed and new levels of exposure.

Congratulations to NARIP member Bill Stankay (“the Young Brian Eno”) whose track “Tartarus” was just licensed for a trailer for Lionsgate film Deepwater Horizon starring Dylan O’Brien, Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson and John Malkovich.  Thanks to Trailer Park’s Bobby Gumm for spotting Bill’s talent.


Congratulations to Simon Horrocks of Affix Music who has licensed 14 *more* tracks for the following shows, with many thanks to music supervisor Andrea von Foerster for placing them:

Modern Family 6ARG20 (end of last season) – Affix 40084 Celebrate

DanceOn Juniors Episode 4 – I’m On A Boat
DanceOn Juniors Episode 8 – Hit That
DanceOn Juniors Episode 9 – Dancing On The Stars

Face2Face – My Voice Counts
Mono – Get Down
Mono – Who Wants To Make Out Remix
Mono – Crazy
Mono – Make Them Hate This
Mono – Why They Hate
Mono – Can You Feel It
Mono – Feel Asleep On Your Lawn
Mono – No Sleep 4 The Weekend
Mono – Let’s Get It


Congrats to NARIP UK Executive Director Sharon Dean on her placement via a recent NARIP session! Her artist Biggi Hilmars’ song Ponds is featured on the official trailer for Thomas Vinterberg’s latest movie ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’, based on the famous novel by Thomas Hardy, starring Carey Mulligan and Tom Sturridge. See the trailer and hear more from Biggi here.



NARIP’s latest placements:

Recently NARIP members Pam & Beanz Rudden attended a NARIP Music Supervisor Session with Andrea von Foerster. This has resulted in a placement for their artist Big Jim Wheeler & Wheels of Fire. Their track Darkside Of The Sun will be featured in the film Greater. Read more about the artist and placement here. Congrats to Pam & Beans on their success!

NARIP member Tommy Dearth of Dearth Music Licensing made a great connection at a NARIP Music Supervisor Session with Ann Kline. This resulted in a placement for a track he presented, Airplane Seabird by Ron Schaffer, in the Showtime television series, Shameless – air date: February 15th, 2015. Our biggest congrats to Tommy and Darrel Dearth!

After attending a NARIP Music Supervisor Session with Ignition’s Patrick Buchanan,  NARIP member Roniit Alyson made an exciting placement in the trailer for the feature film The Loft. Congratulations to Roniit on her great success!

Watch the trailer now here:

Lyric House Publishing’s Jessica Cole has found success at NARIP Music Supervisor Sessions once again!  Jessica flew to Miami for a session with Andrea von Foerster and placed the track Welcome To The Party by Good Man Down in the documentary The Mask You Live In. Lyric House is on fire – congrats to all!   NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions in September in Berlin sparked a major media placement and activated some priceless new relationships when one artist – Jonah – struck gold. “Jonah’s music hit me like a lightning bolt. I foresaw immediately that their song ’All We Are‘ would elevate the new Vodafone ad campaign in a dynamic and brilliant way. Vodafone shared that vision and agreed enthusiastically. We are all working together now and looking forward to a successful future,” said Gerrit Winterstein, music supervisor for White Horse Music which represents Vodafone and other major brands.  Winterstein was NARIP’s guest at the Session. View the campaign video below: A NARIP London Session has yielded yet another placement, this time for Karen Christie of Infectious Music following our Session with advertising music supervisor Susan Stone of Cecilia. Stone picked up the track “Breakers” by Infectious artist / composer LOCAL NATIVES for the Vice Medic Inc. / AT&T campaign and short film title “Next.” Congratulations!!! NARIP Member Bobby Drake scores again (see other placement successes below), literally.  He was hired by VH1’s Paul Logan to create 20 original cues for original VH1 programming following NARIP’s session with Logan in Atlanta. NARIP Member Gail Vareilles has made several placements via NARIP Sessions (including in Movie 43), and tell that she now gets regular briefs from VP of Music Creative at Sony Pictures, Kier Lehman to write for his projects following NARIP’s session with Lehman. She has been a top contender for theme songs for major shows. It’s only a matter of time! Jessica Cole of Lyric House Publishing continues to place music right and left through NARIP Music Supervisor Sessions. She recently made yet another placement with VH1’s Paul Logan in Hit The Floor Premiere date: 8/4/14 Rhema SoulPunch You In The Face

Grudge Match starring Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone
Grudge Match starring Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone

Matt Welch from Twisted Jukebox attended a NARIP Music Supervisor Session with Trailer Park’s Bobby Gumm last year, who reports that he placed the track “Let’s Ride” in a trailer for the Warner Bros. film Grudge Match starring Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone which you can view here.  Gumm was at mOcean at the time he placed the track.  Congratulations! Bobby Drake is enjoying more success born from NARIP Music Supervisor Sessions. He recently finished a project for and Carl’s Jr for their Fresh Baked  Buns campaign that was posted on youtube this week.”I thank NARIP for that opportunity because it came as a result from connecting with Chris Mollere  during the NARIP pitch session,” says Drake. Mollere recommended him to a colleague at Buzzfeed who contacted Drake for the job. Watch the commercial below. Great work Bobby!   We are happy to announce a double success story for NARIP members Peter Kimmel and Michael Carey with music supervisor Gary Calamar. Kimmel, an independent song plugger, met Carey at a NARIP event and selected some of his music to represent. Kimmel has established a relationship with Calamar through NARIP Music Supervisor Sessions, pitched him Carey’s music and just  made a placement on MTV’s Big Tips of Texas, which aired on 12/4/2013. The song is called “First Time Today” written by Maureen O’Boyle, Michael Carey and David Walsh, and is performed by Bright Young Fires (feat. Katie Cole) and produced by Michael Carey. Congratulations to everyone!


Great news from Berlin! Angelo Mammone, who attended a NARIP Music Supervisor Session at Berlin Music Week in September, just made a placement with VH1 music supervisor Paul Logan on episode #401 of VH1’s Couples Therapy, airing on 1/1/2014. The song is called Summer Overload by Jonah.


Jessica Cole of Lyric House Publishing placed music with supervisor Laura Webb, and landed the track “Alpha” by Monarrk in episode 314 of Teen Wolf. Read more about Jessica’s successes below!

Great news from Atlanta: Bobby Drake made his first placement through NARIP Music Supervisor Sessions in Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules! The pitch took place at a recent NARIP session with music supervisor Laura Webb. The song “Carry Me” is high energy and fun, just as the brief from Webb called for. The episode will be announced shortly. Congratulations to Bobby and his team!

VH1‘s Paul Logan licensed two more tracks from NARIP member Jessica Cole of Lyric House Publishing giving lyric house now a total of 9 placements through NARIP Sessions! Jessica attended NARIP’s Music Supervisor Session with Paul in April in Los Angeles, and Paul has now placed nine (!!!) of Lyric House’s tracks to date! Tune in to Vh1’s Black Ink Crew which will feature Rhema Soul‘s “Champion” (air date Nov 18) and Noraa Ish & Kid Pistol‘s “Bullet” (air date: Dec 16). See artist videos below. Other tracks Jessica has placed with Paul are Storm Circuss “Castle”  in Couples Therapy  episode #306, Nuela Charles “Crash” in Black Ink Crew episode #213 and Aleesha’s “Love’s A Boomerang”  in Single Ladies episode #301. Congrats to Jessica and the Lyric House Publishing team!

Paul has also placed “Tears” by the Freemasons in VH1’s Chrissy & Mr. Jones. This song was pitched by Dave Philpot at our recent Music Supervisor Session with Paul in London.

We are delighted to announce another huge music placement success story.


In January 2013, NARIP member and artist manager Owen Husney (who discovered and managed Prince) attended NARIP’s pitch session with music supervisor Gary Calamar.  Husney had some special sauce with him on that day: re-imagined versions of Beatles songs recorded by unsigned indie artists from around the US.  Husney and his partners negotiated the rights to six classic Beatles songs for this purpose.  Calamar has placed “I Wanna Be Your Man” written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney as performed by Mobley in an upcoming episode of True Blood (air date: August 11, 2013, episode titled “Life Matters”).  Mobley is a band from Austin, TX and their music also appears on the Beatles Reimagined album honoring the 50th anniversary of the Beatles. The album will include covers of Beatles songs from their beginnings (1963 – 1964). The song will also be included on the True Blood soundtrack album: True Blood Music From The Original Series Volume 4. This placement was featured in a New York Times article.

Congratulations to all!

Another great placement: ABC Family / Disney music supervisor Alexandra Nickson placed Cameron Rafati’s song “Unstoppable” in the 2013 ABC Family Summer Promo Reel after her recent NARIP Music Supervisor Session. ABC has also featured Cameron’s band, Cameron The Public, on its Web site. Congratulations Cameron!

Most recently, Colorado based NARIP member and owner of Lyric House Publishing Jessica Cole  has had six (6) placements (!!!) following NARIP’s session with VH1 music supervisor Paul Logan. The songs will appear in Couples Therapy episodes #303 (6/26), #304 (7/10), #305 (7/17), #307 (7/31). Some of the songs placed include “Nobody Follow Me” by Glowing House, “Pretend” by Ivory Circle , “Let Me Love You”  and “Subside”, both by Glad Ghosts.




North Star Media’s Joe Revello placed two songs in the  Sony Pictures Classic film At Any Price starring Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron from artist Louis Yoelin. The songs are “Still Got my Summer” and “TV Dinner Cuisine.”

at any price


NY based NARIP member Gail Vareilles attended a NARIP Music Supervisor Session with Michael Hill in New York where he said he often uses the DeWolfe Music Library. Hill’s endorsement of the library prompted Gail to place her music with DeWolfe, and from there it was picked up for this feature film “Movie 43” starring Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Knoxville, Uma Thurman, Naomi Watts and Kate Winslet just to name a few.

movie 43 437x250

Three NARIP members have placed music in the documentary “Finding Our Voice” directed by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir. Bennett and Lir were recent speakers at NARIP’s Film Makers Who Seek Music program in Los Angeles. NARIP members Peter Kimmel and Molly Bohas met these film makers at out event, stayed in touch, and pitched music for their current film projects. Kimmel met new NARIP member Trey Hill at a recent NARIP Music Biz Brunch in LA and pitched Hill’s music to Bennett and Lir.

Music used in the documentary film includes three tracks from Trey Hill (pitched by Peter Kimmel): “Rize Up” – Written and performed by Da Hired Gunz (featured vocal track over the opening titles); “Rize Up” instrumental – Written and performed by Da Hired Gunz; and Instrumental/beats version – “Plies Idea 3” – Written and performed by Da Hired Gunz.

Another track submitted by Molly Bohas has also been placed in the film (“Dreaming”), written and performed by Craig T. Erquhart, Jr.

Wonderlous Music CEO Philip Cialdella attended a session in New York with ESPN Music Director Kevin Wilson and placed two tracks through the session! About a day and a half after NARIP’s session, he placed Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard’s song “Hungry” in the show “SportsCenter.” A week later, he placed the second, The Chris Bergson Band’s song “Rain Beatin’ Down” in NASCAR Racing Spring Cup Pennsylvania 400. This song has been licensed for the rest of the season for all of NASCAR programming!


Peter Kimmel has secured multiple placements following sessions with Andrea von Foerster and Gary Calamar in Los Angeles:

Mighty Generation Music’s Sven Spieker placed “Luckiest Girl” by Jessica Williams in television program “Don’t Trust The B—- in Apt. 23″.  It aired in Episode 107 on Wed May 23, 9:30 pm (PST) on ABC following a session with Andrea von Foerster in Los Angeles.

Andrea von Foerster placed NARIP member Simon Horrocks‘ Atlanta hip hop artist Yac-Yan Da Biznessman’s song “Good, Good” in the ABC hit sitcom Don’t Trust The B—- in Apt 23 (Episode 106, “It’s Just Sex”).

Madonna WadeReed has found a goldmine in music repped by NARIP members for the ABC Family show Jane By Design which she music supervises, placing The Hot Gates “How You Do It” repped by North Star Media’s Molly Bohas and Jimmy Nash’s “More Than Crazy” repped by Cloverdale Music’s Andra Dalto. Madonna also found great music traveling to London for NARIP sessions there, placing  Anthony Salari’s “Stupid Pretty Girl,” repped by Respect Music’s and NARIP London’s Sharon Dean.

Catharine Wood attended a NARIP panel “How To Market & License Music For Film & TV”  that she said “irreversibly changed the direction of my business for the better. Thereafter she attended NARIP Music Supervisor Pitch Sessions with Julianne Jordan, Andrea von Foerster and John Houlihan which, she says, “provided essential support in confirming that our compositions were creatively on-target and ready for placement production-wise.” Her writing team was then approached by ESPN to write and produce a theme song for the network’s boxing programming

“Using tools learned directly from NARIP’s panels and music supervisor sessions, we were able to negotiate a contract, sign the deal and deliver a final product that the show producer is thrilled with,” she says. Read more about Catharine’s success here.

NARIP Sessions Succeed Because They Are SMALL

Placements secured and professional relationships formed through these meetings are so good that we felt this format would work well for those who represent catalogs and/or seek intimate pitch opportunities with the best trailer house music supervisors in the business.

Limited to 16 people, NARIP’s sessions enable you to get to know the supervisors and more importantly, enable them to get to know you. At private sessions last year in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Berlin and London participants were able to pitch for current opportunities on the spot, receiving instant feedback as to whether a song was appropriate or not, and WHY. This valuable feedback makes better pitches – and ultimately, placements – possible. In some cases, participants even had time to re-work their music to better fit a supervisors’ needs.

Above all, attendees MET key players in the modern music business, paving the way for future opportunities and giving them an edge in a highly competitive market.

At our next series in Los Angeles, participants will have the opportunity to pitch music for specific opportunities for current trailer and film promotional campaigns, as well as film and TV, games and advertising campaigns, and get immediate, direct feedback from one music supervisor per session.

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