3 Music Supervisor Sessions: Bloom, Jordan, Calamar

3 Music Supervisor Sessions: Bloom, Jordan, Calamar


These audio programs are recordings of NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions in Los Angeles with PJ Bloom, Julianne Jordan and Gary Calamar who place music in the hit shows. Bloom’s credits include, Glee, CSI Miami, Nip/Tuck and others. Jordan’s credits include Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Chipmunks, New Year’s Day, while Calamar’s credits include True Blood, Dexter, House, Men of a Certain Age and more. In these programs, three of the best and brightest music supervisors give precise information about their exact needs and preferences for their many projects.


At these sessions you will hear Bloom’s, Jordan’s and Calamar’s reactions and live feedback to song snippet presented. Not only is this invaluable to help understand their different needs, interests and preferences, but you will hear exactly what they are looking for now and for ongoing projects, without fluff or fanfare.

Placement is the new radio. Get an insider’s peak at how a music supervisor does his job and how he evaluates music. This is vital to forming a profile of these important music buyers’ preferences and pet peeves.

Artist Managers, Producers & Artist Reps
A&R, Artist Development and Marketing Executives
Record, Distribution & Music Publishing Executives
Music & Entertainment Attorneys
Anyone seeking placement opportunities in film and television.

PJ Bloom (Glee, CSI Miami, Nip/tuck, American Horror Story)

Julianne Jordan (Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Chipmunks, New Year?s Day)

Gary Calamar (True Blood, Dexter, Men of a Certain Age, House, Death Valley)


PROGRAM DATES: April 7 (PJ BLoom), May 12 (Gary Calamar) and May 26 (Julianne Jordan), 2011

PROGRAM TIME: Total time for all three programs is 6 hours, 59 minutes, 34 seconds (4:44:35)

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Gary Calamar



P.J. Bloom, Neophonic

Born and raised in Los Angeles, PJ Bloom is a music school graduate and third generation entertainment industry professional (father is an Emmy-winning screenwriter, grandfather was a New York-based talent manager). PJ has been involved with Film & Television Music since the early 1990s, including stints at Columbia Records, Arista Records and the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS), where he is currently a voting member. In his 14-plus year career, PJ has risen to become one of the premier and most sought after Music Supervisors in the Entertainment Industry, having created and produced soundtracks for over fifty (50) films, hundreds of episodes of television, video games and advertisements. PJ?s dynamic career has paired him with such prolific filmmakers and television producers as Michael Mann, Ridley Scott John Frankenheimer, Steven Bochco and Mike Nichols, allowing him to render his unique brand of service to nearly every film studio and television network in the Hollywood system and beyond. His recent projects include CBS powerhouse CSI: Miami, FX?s Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning television series Nip/Tuck and The Shield, Sony Pictures? Running With Scissors and Picturehouse?s The Notorious Bettie Page. PJ is a Music Consultant for HBO Films, a position he?s held for over a decade, overseeing major successes like Angels In America, The Life & Death of Peter Sellers, American Splendor and Maria Full Of Grace. He consults for Disneyland Theme Parks for their music driven rides and attractions. PJ is a partner in Neophonic, Inc., the largest Music Supervision firm in the U.S., whose slate boasts thirty (30) film and television projects at any given time. He also serves on the Billboard Magazine Film & Television Music Conference Advisory Board, the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Film & Television Taskforce and is a founding member of the Guild of Music Supervisors (GSM).

Julianne Jordan

Julianne Jordan started her music supervision career with a bang when director Doug Liman brought her to a little independent movie called Swingers. The film ignited the ?swing? craze in the 90s, spawned a new type of vernacular, and pushed the interest in retro swing music into hyper drive. The soundtrack went gold and Julianne has not stopped working since. Julianne has enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Doug Liman on all of the films he directed, including Go, The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and most recently Fair Game. Julianne has also supervised such hit films as The Italian Job, Valentine?s Day, Red and Yogi Bear. Julianne?s latest movie is the CGI animated Hop for Universal. She is currently at work on her second Garry Marshall collaboration, New Year?s Eve. In 2007, Julianne supervised the blockbuster family film Alvin and the Chipmunks, where she lent her expertise in helping create an entirely new soundtrack with songs featuring that world-recognized chipmunk sound. Alvin and the Chipmunks is a certified platinum soundtrack. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, which she also supervised, is well on its way to platinum status as well. Julianne is currently serving on the board of governors of the NARAS LA Chapter. She also had the distinction of winning the first Music Supervisor of The Year Award given by the Guild of Music Supervisors in 2011. No stranger to performing, Julianne is an accomplished violist who studied her craft at Skidmore College.

Gary Calamar, Go Music Services

Gary Calamar, president of Go Music, is a Grammy-nominated producer and music supervisor for his work on HBO’s ?Six Feet Under.? He is currently overseeing the music on some of the most acclaimed and popular shows on television: ?True Blood? (HBO), ?House? (Fox), and “Dexter” (Showtime). Gary has also chosen the songs for the films ?Varsity Blues,? for which he received a gold record, ?Slums Of Beverly Hills? and the forthcoming release ?I Love You Philip Morris?. Gary hosts a hit radio show every Sunday night on public radio powerhouse KCRW in Santa Monica. Gary?s unique brand of ?adventurous pop music both timely and timeless? has been a favorite of listeners for over a decade. Gary?s book, Record Store Days (with Phil Gallo) about the rise and fall of The Record Store will be released on Record Store Day, April 2010 from Sterling Publishing. The first light young Mr. Calamar saw was on a Westinghouse Capri TV set. He was vaccinated with a phonograph needle. Born in the shadows of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx NY, Gary first found his passions lit when his parents took him to see ?West Side Story?. By the time ?A Hard Days Night? and ?Goldfinger? came out he was hooked on the explosive combination of Movies and Music. He traveled west in the early 80?s landing in Los Angeles. In need of a job that would ensure him a steady flow of promotional records and free concert tickets, Gary stepped behind a cash register and worked retail. He was managing a Licorice Pizza Record store as 12 inch vinyl records turned into 5 inch digital discs and later moved on to Rhino Records mixing with the customers and building up his music collection. In the mid 90?s Gary started as a volunteer at National Public Radio?s influential powerhouse KCRW. After (literally) getting down on his knees and begging music director Chris Douridas for a radio show he was given a shot. Gary?s unique brand of ?adventurous pop music both timely and timeless? proved to be a hit. His show ?The Open Road? currently airs Sunday nights from 9-Midnight. Through the years Gary has hosted live performances and interviews with musical greats ranging from Brian Wilson and Elmer Bernstein to Wilco, Lucinda Williams, and The Flaming Lips. In 1998 Gary broke into the Music Supervision game and tackled the movie ?Varsity Blues?, resulting in a #1 box office hit and a soundtrack album certified gold. At the turn of the century Gary, along with friend and fellow music supervisor Thomas Golubic´ oversaw the music for the HBO original series “Six Feet Under” and were nominated for Grammy Awards for producing both volumes of the ‘Six Feet Under’ soundtracks. He lives in a lovely home in Los Angeles? Laurel Canyon with his lovely wife and their amazing daughter.

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