Audio Recording of Meet The Press: How To Get Ink For Your Artist, Project or Company In Atlanta

Audio Recording of Meet The Press: How To Get Ink For Your Artist, Project or Company In Atlanta


Three music publicity experts give you the facts you need to create a solid PR campaign in this special NARIP session.


The most valuable commodity of all in today’s music business is attention. How do you get the attention of a busy, over-worked editor or journalists who gets more pitches than you’ve had hot dinners?

And once you’ve gotten his attention, how do you get ink for your artist, project or company?

NARIP’s special program answers just that with top journalist / editors and taste-makers Jeff Clark of Stomp and Stammer and Josh Jackson of Paste Magazine who reach many thousands of readers and subscribers.  Clark and Jackson will share tips and strategies on how to get their attention, build a relationship and get press.

Music Publishing & Record Executives
Producers, Artists, Artist Managers and Artist Reps
Music Attorneys, Songwriters & Composers
Brand Marketing & Creative Executives
Accountants, Business Managers & CPAs
Anyone seeking better understanding of the press, how journalists work, what they need and how to get ink for your artists, projects and companies!


  • How to start and build a relationship with a busy journalist or editor
  • Do’s and don’t’s when contacting a journo / editor
  • Press release or pitch: what’s the difference?
  • What’s your story? How to present it in the most attractive way to a journalist
  • Follow up: how, when, and what do journalists and editors prefer?
  • How to entice an editor to open your correspondence, read it and run it!
  • Most important items in a press release
  • Favorite ways to use Twitter and other social media to attract coverage
  • Offering extras to journalists


Jeff Clark, Co-Founder, Stomp and Stammer
Josh Jackson, President, Founder, Editor-in-chief, Paste Magazine
Beth Moore, Esq., NARIP Board Member, co-moderator
Lee Morin, Esq., NARIP Board Member, co-moderator

PROGRAM DATE: June 17, 2015
PROGRAM TIME: 1 hour 51 min 54 sec (1:51:54)
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Jeff Clark, Co-Founder, Stomp and Stammer

Jeff Clark co-founded Atlanta’s free monthly magazine Stomp and Stammer in 1996. Nineteen years later, he still hasn’t found anything better to do. He is currently the sole publisher and editor, writes a good chunk of the content, distributes them all over town in his battered old Nissan Sentra and, against all odds, occasionally sells an ad or two. Somehow, he still makes time to write for , program and host a weekly show of new music on Atlanta radio station WMLB and go see more live music in a week than most people see in a year. He wears size 10 shoes, never learned to swim and, like most people, he hates Jeff Clark.


Jackson-Josh (1)

Josh Jackson, President, Founder, Editor-in-chief, Paste Magazine

Josh Jackson is president, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Paste Magazine. Under his editorial leadership, Paste has won numerous awards, including the Plug Award and GAMMA Award for “Magazine of the Year,” and received three consecutive National Magazine Award nominations for General Excellence. currently attracts more than 5 million visitors each month. Jackson has been named one of Media Industry (min) Magazine’sTop 21 Intriguing People, one of Relevant magazine’s 12 Revolutionaries and one of Georgia Trends’ 40 Under 40. He’s been a regular music and film critic for CNN Headline News/HLN and two Atlanta radio stations; he oversaw and co-hosted four music podcasts for Coca-Cola; and he’s written more than 1,000 stories, including assignments on six continents. He lives in Decatur, GA with his wife, Lori and their three children.



Beth B. Moore - headshot

Beth B. Moore, ESQ, Board Member, NARIP Atlanta 

Beth B. Moore, Esq. is an entertainment attorney at The Beth B. Moore Law Firm and manages Atlanta-based country/rock act The Law Band. She received her undergraduate degree from UGA, her law degree from GSU, and her professional training from The Sidman Law Firm in Buckhead where she was hired shortly after meeting her future employer (Steve Sidman) at a NARIP panel. She launched her own law practice in 2012, and now represents artistic talent and entrepreneurs in music, film, television and other creative industries. Beth has been a NARIP loyalist and volunteer since the chapter’s inception in June 2010, and served as Executive Director of NARIP’s Atlanta chapter from 2012-2013. With her love for music and passion for learning, Beth shares the same mission as NARIP: to provide relevant and accessible music business education to all who seek it, and to help cultivate the next generation of music industry leaders and revolutionaries.


Lee Morin, Esq., Board Member, NARIP Atlanta

Lee Morin, Esq., is Principal Attorney and founder of MORIN Entertainment Law, a boutique law firm in metro Atlanta that specializes in serving artists and entrepreneurs in creative industries including music business, fine art, game design, book publishing, theatre, film, television, and fashion design. Lee Morin has over ten years of experience in legal services, both in the corporate law departments of global companies and national to regional law firms. She counsels and represents her clients to provide each with the means to harness the power of enterprise. Lee leverages her networks to the advantage of her clients. She is an active member of the Entertainment and Sports, Intellectual Property, and International Law sections of the Georgia Bar, Georgia Game Developers Association (GGDA), International Game Developers Association (IGDA), National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP), Georgia Lawyers for the Arts (GLA), Georgia Music Partners (GMP), Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) and the Recording Academy® (NARAS).

Program music courtesy of Sparks & Silhouettes


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