Audio Recording of NARIP Panel: So You Produce Music? Non-Technical Skills You Need To Succeed

Audio Recording of NARIP Panel: So You Produce Music? Non-Technical Skills You Need To Succeed


The music producer’s role has changed dramatically, catapulting many producers to super-star status. But technical skills are not enough.  A strong network, industry knowledge and deal-making skills are a must.

Join our discussion with experts Felisha BookerJeff Blackwell and Vess Dynamick about one of the hottest careers in music today – the modern music producer – and how to create commercial success.


The music producer’s role has changed dramatically, catapulting many producers to super-star status. But technical skills are not enough.  A strong network, industry knowledge and deal-making skills are a must.

In this NARIP audio program, experts Felisha BookerJeff Blackwell and Vess Dynamick about one of the hottest careers in music today – the modern music producer – and how to create commercial success.

In this NARIP audio program, our experts share tips and strategies on how to shape studio skills, build and leverage a network and essential business skills to get and keep clients, and increase your stock as the Next Great Producer.

  • Music Publishing & Record Executives
  • Producers, Artists, Artist Managers and Artist Reps
  • Music Attorneys, Songwriters & Composers
  • Brand Marketing & Creative Executives
  • Accountants, Business Managers & CPAs
  • Anyone seeking better understanding of business development for music producers


You will learn:

  • You’ve got the studio chops, what’s next?
  • Creative collaborations
  • How do you get, develop and keep artist clients
  • What to look for in an artist besides talent
  • Business challenges: creative control, song splits, credit
  • How to get seen and heard by the right people
  • The Underdogs, David Guetta: case studies of success
  • Beat battles: a path to recognition or a waste of time?
  • Do’s and Don’t’s of beat sites
  • Important deal points in music producer’s agreement
  • The business of being a successful music producer: what you need to know

PROGRAM DATE: July 22, 2015, recorded in Atlanta, GA
PROGRAM TIME: 1 hour, 55 minutes, 52 seconds (1:55:52)
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Felisha Booker, Founder, Dynamic Producer

Felisha Booker has spent her life making the moves to reserve herself a space among the entertainment industry’s biggest and best.  Just hitting her mid-thirties, Felisha is most proud of her flagship business Dynamic Producer. She’s a creative thinker and innovator, and realizes that to win, fearlessness must  accompany business savvy.  Her interest in the music industry was born during her time as an A&R representative at UNEM Entertainment Group – an independent record label based in her native Cleveland, OH.  Late nights in the studio working nest to budding producers birthed a desire to create an outlet for aspiring producers with little or no chance of being discovered, which later became Dynamic Producer.  Leaving odd jobs and monotony behind, Felisha moved to New York City to chase after what some called an impossible dream of a Midwestern belle with little experience.

In New York, Booker learned that getting a job in the music industry can be difficult for a small-time hopeful with no “inside” connections. With only forty dollars, Felisha knew she would be unable to maneuver and network with her limited funds.  She began temping by day to support the intense networking at night to kick down the doors. She landed a position at Elektra Entertainment Group in 2001 and became intrigued with how entrepreneurship could enable her to do business her way. Felisha left her job and began attending meetings and industry seminars, scoring the connections that would launch Dynamic Producer, followed by Dynamic Songwriter.

After a decade of success, Booker overhauled the old membership program completely.  The new vision, Dynamic Producer Professional & Dynamic Songwriter Professional, launched in 2012 and began offering members one-on-one counseling from a dedicated team of on-call music business, production, songwriting and mixing advisers.  The organization also offers music submission opportunities, online showcases and an annual conference featuring known and established producers, songwriters and executives.  Booker and the organization have received recognition from both industry professionals and organizations including SESAC, Peermusic and Allhiphop to name a few.  Alumni from the organization have placed records with artists Mya, Chamillionaire, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Beyonce and others.

Dynamic Producer & Dynamic Songwriter are just a fraction of the Booker Empire.  Booker also oversees a boutique music licensing division.  Within the music licensing sector, Dynamic has deals and/or has worked with Viacom Networks including MTV and VH1, Fox Sports Network and Firstcom.  In November 2013, Booker launched Channel Dynamic, the online music industry network for emerging music makers.  Channel Dynamic features interviews with working and established musicians, music producers, songwriters, engineers, executives and artists, sharing candid stories of their journey from the bottom to the top.  From tips on how to make better music to advice on how to grow one’s music career or business, Channel Dynamic is a one-stop for those looking to advance to the next level by learning from those who’ve come before them.

Jeff (Blacktracks) Blackwell, Rewind Factor, Music Adviser for Dynamic Producer

Producer / Songwriter Jeff (Blactracks) Blackwell had an idea to put together the area’s top producers as one super team.  Rewind Factor is the team that has grown out of the Beat Lounge Beat Battles and that idea.  With over 15 years  of experience as a collective and producing for many artists, Rewind Factor is now focused on television and film scoring.  Each producer in Rewind Factor has his own unique sound and style. The members are founder Jeff (Blactracks) Blackwell, Byiton The Trak Beast, CJ The Cynic, Jilla Boy Chi Town, Natown The Legend and the late Skandal Da Ruckus Man.  Jeff Blackwell started with Dynamic Producer as an intern in 2011 and moved up to be come the Senior Music Advisor and Marketing Coordinator for the Dynamic Producer Brands.  As a Music Adviser for Dynamic Producer, Jeff helps producers, songwriters and artists navigate every aspect of the industry, from the music they make, to the business they grow, to the brands they build! He specializes in branding for the music industry, music production and mixing to give Dynamic Producer members the competitive edge they need most!

Vess Dynamick, Senior Adviser for Dynamic Producer & Dynamic Songwriter

Vess Dynamick is a Senior Adviser for Dynamic Producer & Dynamic Songwriter. In this capacity, Vess teaches beat making, music production, mixing for producers and technical songwriting for artists/songwriters. Vess is a music producer who came up in HipHop’s boom bap era. Having done everything from landing record deals to working under a few greats, Vess has a diverse musical background. With a discography that includes music licensing, TV commercials and collaborations with Young Buck, Willie da Kid, Stanza and Jay Electronica, Vess Dynamick at the core is a true music producer. His mantra (“More Killer, Less Filler”) sums up his approach. It’s the Vess Dynamick way.

Rich Rolyn, NARIP Atlanta Board Member (moderator)

A native ATLien, Rich has been a fixture of the Atlanta music scene for years. Starting out as a Mixtape & Talent Show DJ, his natural progression into production let to establishing a production company (Beautiful Noyze). He also runs a project studio (Ammo Lounge Studios) and Blog (The Rolyn Report). Other professional associations include SESAC, GMP and GMIA.


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