Bands, Brands & Beyond 2010: Ad Agency Angle

Bands, Brands & Beyond 2010: Ad Agency Angle


Once taboo, brand associations and advertising are embraced by today's savvy recording artists and their reps to increase exposure to their music and advance their careers. The Black Eyed Peas, for example, have been called “the most corporate band in America” (Wall Street Journal, April 16, 2010). Learn how and the band became the face of Samsung, BlackBerry, Bacardi, Apple and Target.


This is the second session (of four) from NARIP's full-day Expo on Bands, Brands & Beyond. The entire day was dedicated to how to use music to boost advertising and marketing results for brands and bands. In fact, matching bands (or music) with brands is one of the hottest and fastest growing areas of the business today.
Increasingly, advertising, brand and marketing executives need to know how to create win-win deals.

That's why NARIP assembled some of the music, brand and advertising world?s top executives and deal architects to discuss how to pair music and artists with brands. These experts guide attendees through the opportunities available and the complex rights area. They provide insight into how to use brand association for new and established acts, how to create win-win deals and give a glimpse into what the future of music-in-advertising may hold.

This session answers how artists and their reps can access billion dollar brands, and how brands can access appropriate talent. This session focuses on how these deals are done, who does them, how they work and what they cost.

Deals done right and deals gone wrong are examined in detail with case studies, checklists and proven templates.

Don?t miss this opportunity to hear top brand, ad and record executives, as well as artist reps who can help take your campaign to the next level.

    Advertising Executives & Creative Directors
    Brand Marketing & Creative Executives
    Record & Music Publishing Executives
    Music Attorneys and Deal-Makers
    Producers, Artist Managers and Artist Reps
    Professionals who want greater insight into current and future trends,
    and who wish to enhance their core skills to achieve outstanding results.

    • How to “A&R” a brand and connect consumers to brands through the emotional power of music
    • Case studies
    • Selling in, not selling out: what deals make dollars and sense
    • How to prepare a brief and package ideas to attract and secure a brand
    • How to identify and secure an artist
    • How artists can add value to an ad campaign
    • Deal points: money, splits, fee ranges, negotiation tactics
    • Rights and licensing issues
    • Who puts these deals together, and how? Top deal-makers speak out
    • When art meets commerce: accommodations artists and brands must make
    • Alternatives to 360 deals

    Some benefits you will receive:

    • Demystify deal-making in the music business – learn which rights you need to proceed
    • Get a rule book for success, including case studies, checklists, deal points, do’s and don’t’s to create successful promotions and marketing campaigns with music
    • Get a list of the best music-brand integration companies
    • Hear senior management perspectives and world-class music-brand strategies
    • Connect with specialists who set music strategy for brands and design big creative concepts

    *Hollywood Today Publisher & Editor Jeffrey Jolson-Colburn notes that NARIP’s Rolodex is “the size of an SUV.” Click here to read what other people say about NARIP.

  • Cheryl R. Berman, Founder, UnBundled Creative
  • Marcus Peterzell, Managing Director, Engagement and Entertainment Marketing, FATHOM Communications
  • Josh Rabinowitz, Head of Music, Grey Worldwide

PROGRAM DATE: November 15, 2010
PROGRAM TIME: 1 hours, 20 minutes, 44 seconds (1:20:44)
HANDOUT INCLUDES: (39 pages total)

  • With The Brand by Josh Rabinowitz
  • Upfront Feature: 6 Questions with Marcus Peterzell
  • Nine Tips For Cracking A Campaign With Your Tunes by Josh Rabinowitz
  • Most Important Elements of a Marketing Plan by Tess Taylor
  • 8 Points To Consider When Marketing A Record by Jason Spiewak
  • Sample Marketing Plan 1
  • Sample Marketing Plan 2 submitted by Blinker Interactive
  • Case Studies submitted by Touch / A Muzak Co.
  • Case Study: Groove Armada / Bacardi Deal by Philip E. Daniels & Phil Ashcroft
  • Case Study: Vanity by Lynda Stenge
  • Use Audio Strategically To Build Brand Identity by Martin Pazzani
  • A More Powerful Way To Use Music In Ads by Martin Pazzani
  • Top Tips For Music Brand Success by Heidi Richman
  • Music-Brand Company Directory
  • Music Placement and Song-Plugger Directory
  • Recommended Reading & Resources
  • Executive Profiles

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Cheryl R. Berman, Founder, UnBundled Creative

In her three-decade Leo Burnett career, Cheryl Berman was responsible for the majority of the agency’s most successful and famous marketing efforts. As Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett USA, Cheryl held Leo’s own original job. She played a vital role bringing in more than half the accounts residing at the agency when she left, including McDonald’s, Disney, Hallmark, PetSmart, Altoids, Turner Classic Movies, Coca Cola, Kraft Foods, and ConAgra. Cheryl has always championed results driven work. For the last ten years under her leadership, Leo Burnett was the single most awarded agency for effectiveness. Cheryl is a role model for women. In 2004, she struck a chord with the concept “Miss Understood: She’s Not Buying Your Ads,” which debuted at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes. Cheryl continues to speak on this topic around the world, receiving acclaim from CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Reuters. Cheryl has frequently written award-winning original music for brands like McDonald’s, Disney, Hallmark and Kraft. In 2005, she introduced Burnett’s Artist in Residence Program to build face-to-face working relationships between popular artists and the agency, thereby streamlining musical solutions and facilitating unique opportunities for marketers. The immediately successful approach was embraced by clients including McDonald’s, Kellogg and Nintendo, and was featured in Business 2.0, Billboard and The Wall Street Journal. A former journalist, Cheryl joined Leo Burnett
as a copywriter. Proving herself to be a prolific writer and able manager, she became the first woman appointed to Burnett’s Board of Directors. She has received industry accolades including Chicago’s Ad Woman of the Year.
She was featured as the “Determined Ms. Berman” in The Wall Street Journal’s Creative Leaders series. In 2008, Cheryl and her partner Tom Dickson launched Unbundled, a revolutionary concept in marketing services. Unbundled is a creative company that has shed the constraints of the traditional ad agency to offer world-class brand building to clients of all sizes. In addition to running the company, Cheryl reviews “Mad Men” for the Wall Street Journal. A Chicago native, Cheryl graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She and her husband Randolph Kretchmar have three children, who provide Cheryl with the insights and inspiration to keep her on her toes.

You can visit her website at

Marcus Peterzell, Managing Director, Engagement and Entertainment Marketing, FATHOM Communications

Marcus is a veteran and pioneer in the entertainment marketing business, and has created campaigns for more than two dozen top brands including Nokia, AXE and Jeep. His strategic acumen combined with in-depth experience and deep relationships in the entertainment industry have been invaluable to companies looking to promote their brands through entertainment channels—be it TV, film, music, gaming or digital. Marcus started his career in concert promotion at Concone and Electric Factory Concerts where he planned and executed the marketing plans for over 80 arena shows in five markets. He then moved into television developing and producing network and cable TV series and specials for outlets including Cinemax, Lifetime, USA, Viacom, and MTV. Marcus was then named president of Fiction/Elektra records where he formulated the marketing plans for the labels roster of artists including The Cure, where he served as the band’s U.S. manager representing them for four platinum records and a sold-out North America stadium/arena tour. In 1996 Marcus joined Music Marketing Network as SVP of marketing and sales where he helped create the industry’s largest opt-in database of music buyers. Music Marketing was sold to 24/7 where he served as VP of the entertainment group supervising a team that sold the 24/7 digital assets to both brands and agencies. In 2001, Marcus joined MusicVision as SVP of Marketing and Sales selling the firms music marketing assets into various Fortune 500 brands including Sony Pictures, Nokia, Hyundai, Polaroid, Doritos, and VH1. In 2004 Marcus was recruited by Radiate/Omnicom and named co-president of their leading entertainment marketing agency AWE (merged into GMR to form GMR Entertainment in 2007). There he oversaw the agency’s strategic marketing and business development efforts. In this role Marcus created and executed entertainment marketing platforms for over 40 national brands including A&E, Nokia, Jagermeister, Marlboro, Verizon Fios, The History Channel, Blackberry, Candies, Philips Electronics, Jeep, E!, Cruzan Rum, and JC Penny. In early 2009 Marcus moved within Omnicom to join Fathom Communications as the company’s Managing Director of Entertainment Marketing. In this post, Marcus is responsible for enhancing Fathom’s traditional advertising services with integrated entertainment marketing solutions. This past summer Marcus and his team executed a ground-breaking partnership on behalf of Johnson & Johnson tying in the Lilith Fair tour, Walmart, Self Magazine, and content from all four of the major record labels. Marcus is an acknowledged leader in the entertainment marketing industry and has spoken at over a dozen high profile industry events. As a board member for the T.J Martell Foundation, Marcus serves as chairman of the foundation’s annual Family Day event, the charity’s most profitable fund-raiser. Last year’s event honored The Jonas Brothers in their only U.S spring concert appearance raising a record setting ¾ million dollars.

Josh Rabinowitz, Senior VP of Music, Grey Group

Josh Rabinowitz has produced 5000+ tracks for commercials globally. He’s been called a “New Music Mogul” by Fast Company, Beethoven’s Greatest Fan by NPR and is a recognized voice in music/branding. He’s been an adjunct at NYU and The New School, a columnist for Billboard, and a bandleader/trombonist in NYC. He presents regularly at MIDEM, Advertising Week, CMJ, The New Music Seminar, The Clios, ADE, Sync Up, SXSW, The Shoot Forum, various Billboard Conferences, and the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, where he has presented the Grey Music Seminar with such artists as Yoko Ono, Tony Bennett, Steven Van Zandt, John Legend and Donovan.

Program music courtesy of Sparks & Silhouettes


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