Got Publishing? Jansson, Winogradsky in LA

Got Publishing? Jansson, Winogradsky in LA


In this latest installment of NARIP's “Art of the Music Deal” series, two top experts face off in a live negotiation of key deal points and contractual issues in a publishing deal that affect a songwriter's rights and income.



Part of NARIP’s Art of the Music Deal Series: What Happens Before You $ign on the Dotted Line?

Music Publishing & Record Executives
Producers, Artists, Artist Managers and Artist Reps
Music Attorneys, Songwriters & Composers
Brand Marketing & Creative Executives
Accountants, Business Managers & CPAs

    The right time to make a deal plus major areas of negotiation, including:

      Major areas of negotiation for publishing deals including:

      • Songwriter development
      • Advances
      • Sources and types of income
      • Collection & division of income
      • Filing copyright notices
      • Reversion
      • Show me the money! How to ensure effective catalog administration.

      This program also covers:

      • Important deal points including digital royalties, a discussion of the new publishing royalty rates for mobile, digital downloads, and interactive streaming services.
      • The right time to make a deal
      • Publishing deals for developing songwriters

      Sample agreement included with the audio (as a PDF document in a zip file).

      Peter Jansson, CEO, Janssongs Consultants
      Steve Winogradsky, Esq., Partner, Winogradsky / Sobel

      PROGRAM DATE: April 29, 2010
      PROGRAM TIME: 2 hours, 24 minutes and 34 seconds (2:24:34)

      1. Sample publishing (songwriter) agreement
      2. Comments on Negotiating Songwriter Agreements by Jeffrey Brabec and Steven Winogradsky
      3. Music Licensing Submission Tips by Chris Austria
      4. Music Terms
      5. Pocket Guide To Music Rights by Brooke Wentz


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    Peter Jansson, CEO, Janssongs Consultants

    Taking piano lessons from the age of 5, Peter graduated from the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, Australia proficient not only piano but several other brass, woodwind and stringed instruments. Thereafter, Peter studied both Music and Law at Sydney University, and Classical music soon gave way to Rock‘n’Roll, and a brief but impressive career was spent playing keyboards in small clubs to outdoor arenas with various bands in Australia. Peter graduated from live performances to studio work and soon became a keyboard session player in great demand in many studios Downunder.

    In 1979, the position of Professional Manager was offered by Festival Music, Australia’s largest independent music publisher. Dealing with both local and international songwriters, Peter soon developed a rapport with many successful songwriters and artists. EMI Music Publishing offered the position of Creative Director in 1984 which gave Peter the chance to work with the largest catalog of songs in the world. As one of the original participants in the EMI Executive Exchange Program, Peter was given the chance to experience many of the major world music markets first hand by living and working in numerous EMI offices such as Tokyo, Hamburg, Paris, London, New York, Nashville and Los Angeles.

    In 1989, PolyGram Music offered a joint venture deal for Peter to set up his own music publishing company, and Janssongs, Inc. was born. First headquartered in Sydney, Peter moved the operation to Los Angeles in 1996. Janssongs’ writer roster included an impressive who’s who of Pop/R&B/Country writers including several Grammy-nominated writers and producers. The company also music supervised many feature films during the course of its operations which enabled the company to draw from its talented pool of writers and composers and ensured activity for their individual catalogs. Janssongs, Inc. was acquired by a New York investment group in October, 2004.

    As a Music Publisher, Peter has represented Paul McCartney, Queen, David Bowie, Carole King, Kate Bush, A-ha, Foreigner, Cheap Trick, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison, Divinyls, Roxette, Europe, Gilbert O’Sullivan, The Motels, Leo Sayer, Dexys Midnight Runners, Stevie Wonder, George Harrison, Blondie, Laura Branigan, Don McLean, Grace Jones, Juice Newton, Talking Heads, The Wiggles, Little River Band and Ronnie Milsap among countless others.

    In 2004, Peter was a signatory to a Joint Venture agreement with the Chinese Government and was given the historic opportunity of creating the very first music publishing operation in mainland China, representing 65,000 CD masters and 1,757,000 copyrights and developing the infrastructure to China’s emerging national music industry.

    Janssongs Consultants was formed in 2008 and provides consulting services to the Music industry in the following areas: international forensic royalty tracking, contract drafting and negotiation, public domain determination and derivative copyrights, synchronization license valuation and variables, song and catalog acquisition due diligence, neighboring rights, reciprocal limited licensing deals, international development, additional revenue streams, digital media initiatives, corporate development, strategic planning and investor relations.

    Peter is a regular guest at music conferences around the world, bringing his years of knowledge and experience to many music industry panels. He is also a regular guest lecturer at the UCLA Music Extension course in Los Angeles, and is a frequent guest for many songwriting associations, radio shows and print publications.

    Steven Winogradsky, Esq., Partner, Winogradsky & Sobel

    With over 25 years experience as an attorney in the music industry, Steven Winogradsky is a partner in Winogradsky/Sobel in Studio City, California, providing global media and music business affairs & legal support for composers, songwriters, music publishers, recording artists and television, film, video and multi-media producers. In addition to an entertainment law practice, the company handles music clearance and licensing in all media for many production companies, worldwide administration of the publishing catalogs for a number of clients and New Media strategies and Revenue Modeling.

    Prior to being in solo practice with The Winogradsky Company from 1992 to 2009, Mr. Winogradsky served as Director of Music Business Affairs for Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc., Managing Director of Music, Legal & Business Affairs for MCA Home Entertainment, Director of Music Licensing and Administration for Universal Pictures and Universal Television and Vice President of Business Affairs for The Clearing House, Ltd.

    He was twice elected President of the California Copyright Conference, after spending 9 years on the Board of Directors, and also served for 4 years as President of the Association of Independent Music Publishers.

    Mr. Winogradsky was named one of the Outstanding Instructors in Entertainment Studies and Performing Arts at UCLA Extension, where has taught since 1997. He has written numerous articles on the subject of music for motion pictures and television and has lectured on a variety of music-related topics at MIDEM, University of Houston Law Foundation (1993, 1994, 1997), Texas State Bar Entertainment Law Seminar (1994 – 2009), American Bar Association Entertainment & Sports Law Conference, University of Southern California Entertainment Law Institute, The Hollywood Reporter Film and Television Music Conference (1997-2000), Billboard Film and Television Music Conference, NARAS, The Society of Composers and Lyricists, Loyola Law School, Southwestern School of Law, California Lawyers For The Arts, The American Film Institute, LMNOP (New Orleans), The Toronto Film Festival, Canadian Music Week, Musicians’ Institute, McNally Smith College of Music and other symposia.

    In addition, he is a guitarist, singer and songwriter who is both a composer and publisher member of ASCAP.

    Program music courtesy of The G-Man (Golosio Music Publishing, BMI)


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